Now that Adebayor is gone I decided to republish an article I wrote about him back in February this year, with a few modifications:

Details of goals scored by Adebayor last season:

With Fabregas:
Blackburn – 3 (header + penalty)
FC Porto – 2 (header + penalty)
Fenerbahce – 1 (one on one, through ball provided by Fabregas)
West Ham – 1
Tottenham – 1 (tap in)
Wigan (one on one, assisted by Fabregas)
Middlesbrough (header from a Fabregas corner)
Manchester City – 2 (one on ones, both assisted by Fabregas)
Villareal (bicycle kick, still the pass was Fabregas’s)

Without Fabregas:
FC Twente – 1 (one on one)
Hull City – 1 (header)

That says it all. For Adebayor to score you have to send him one on one with the keeper so he can finish it and only Fabregas can do the job. Barry, Ireland, Petrov etc. aren’t good enough to lick Fabregas’s boots. Even then the number of chances that Adebayor misses far outweighs the number of goals that he scores. If there was a statistic for number of misses, Ade would be at the top of the list I am sure! Adebayor scores (1) one on ones, (2) tap ins and (3) headers. To be a world class striker you have to do much better than that. We have van Persie and he is a complete forward but Adebayor is just not good enough. So 25m for Adebayor is ridiculous! Arsene Wenger has pulled off another masterpiece.

Last season we saw him hit straight at the keeper on one on ones and cushion the ball to the keeper from free headers six or seven yards away from goal. And lately he moves to the flank, receives a pass, slows down the attack by holding the ball and eventually gives it back to the player he got the pass from (This way he ended a lot of our counter attacks by giving players time to get back). Hard to believe a player like that cost 25m to Man City. Silly Hughes. He was more of a liability last season than an asset. The 30 goals he got two season back will be a once in a lifetime achievement for him. Mr. One Season Wonder.

The 30 goals he scored shows he has the potential. Remember the stunning volleys he scored last season? Oh and that goal against Villareal. Awesome. But now that he is playing for just money so the talent will be wasted. We might see an odd stunner or two but that’s all.

So Man City fans who are getting excited need not be. But one thing they can be sure of is Adebayor will probably stay at City till he retires. Because he plays for money and he won’t get as much money as he is getting now anywhere else. He is all about money.

So Adebayor, we won’t miss you. Go to hell. You never know he might be warming the bench there just like Hleb did after he left. City have Tevez, Santa Cruz, Robinho, Adebayor and Bellamy now. So he won’t get as much first team action as he did here. But then he doesn’t care as long as he’s getting the money.

Anyway, do you think a replacement is needed? If yes then who should it be? Vote in the following poll and lets see what the fans want now.