Arsene Wenger - Living Legend!

Arsene Wenger - Living Legend!

Arsene Wenger was born on 22nd October 1949 in Strasbourg, France. Even though he has a degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Economics, football is what he chose as his profession. He is currenty manager of Arsenal and has been there since 1996. He has earlier managed 3 other clubs including AS Monaco. He is fluent in French, German and English and also speaks a bit of Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

The best time of his life has certainly been spent at Arsenal. Not only that but Arsenal’s best time of their history has been under Arsene Wenger! Before joining Arsenal he was rejected by AC Milan for looking too much like a schoolmaster! They would later have been wishing had they accepted him as he won Arsenal the League in his first season in charge!

Earlier in his life he tried out as a football player also. He appeared for numerous small clubs and even made an appearance in the UEFA Cup but he paid more attention to his education rather than his playing career. After getting his Master’s in Economics though, he moved back to football and coached a local junior squad after obtaining a manager’s dimploma. He moved to a couple of clubs before moving to AS Monaco. He was a relatively unknown even when he was manager there but winning the League with them certainly raised his image. David Dein was the man who had the most faith in him an so appointed him as Arsenal’s manager. At Arsenal he has achieved milestones that no other manager has been able to. He led the team to the prestigious Double in his first 18 months as manager and repeated the same feat four years later. He also managed his team to a whole League season unbeaten, a feat that has not been achieved by any other top football  manager yet. He has created football legends all by himself. Its Arsene Wenger’s special ability to spot talent and then nurture it. From Anelka to Bergkamp to Henry to Fabregas, Arsene Wenger has created some of the worlds best footballers in their time. In recent years he has developed Arsenal into a team that plays football the way its supposed to be played, the beautiful football! He has made Arsenal into the most delightful club to watch. Be it their beautiful slick passing game or the extremely talented youngsters being nurtured by him, Arsene Wenger is truly a legend. A legend not only of Arsenal but of football. He has undoubted passion and love for the game which has led him to great heights. Former Liverpool manager Gerard Houlier said “Arsene Wenger has the ability to eat, talk, sleep and drink football, and then come back for more.” He is admired by friends and foes alike for his exceptional managerial ability.

Long Live Arsene Wenger!