Vermaelen1Vermaelen has not signed for Arsenal yet as is being reported on various websites. But if the deal does go through would you be happy with the signing? Do you think he is good enough for Arsenal?

Most fans would have wanted experienced players but Vermaelen, at 23, would be another young addition to the squad. So that is a big negative point.

But other than that he is a decent defender. At 5’11” he is not too short and he has got a high jump so he is very good in the air, which is something Arsenal’s central defence desperately needs. He is very good at winning personal duels and one might remember how well he kept van Persie silent in the pre-season of 2007-08 season. That game also gives evidence to the Belgian defender’s physical strength. He is not the strongest but he is strong enough to battle the relatively tougher Premier League strikers.

But on the negative side, as the stats show, he gets a yellow every 5th game. That is one thing he will have to improve if the deal does go through. He is also very poor on the attacking front. He is just plain defensive. Can’t play a single forward attacking ball. But then he is a centre back so we don’t really need it.

One thing that seems worrying is that I have been noticing negative comments about Vermaelen from Arsenal fans in Netherlands. They are the ones who watch him week in, week out so they know him far better than us. So if he is not good enough 10m seems like a ridiculous amount of money.

Was Tony Adams actually right that Vermaelen is good but not good enough for Arsenal? Maybe.

But lets not worry about it now because the deal is not official yet. Lets hope it’s just  made up, attention seeking news by ‘some’ site.

Anyway… Do you think he could be a good buy?