Vermaelen seems to be on his way to Arsenal very soon. Though the player himself doesn’t know a thing about any move saying he knows nothing about it as he leaves all such stuff to his agent.

He must be good because as most of you might agree, Arsene Wenger won’t spend £10m on a defender if he is not special.

Brede_HangelandBut in case the deal fails to go through, Arsenal probably won’t have Hangeland as a back-up option. The Norwegian captain yet again re-affirmed his commitment to Fulham:

“There’s been speculation but as far as I know there’s no serious interest and I will repeat it again, I am really happy at Fulham. The prospect of playing here for another season with a European campaign is something I look forward to very much.

“Hopefully we can agree a new contract and then I’ll stay here for a long time. It’s been going in the right direction since the moment I came here. I hope we can agree on something soon.”

Hangeland sure is a decent person, unlike that greedy Barry. I would have preferred Hangeland ahead of Vermaelen but the way he has come out again and again to reiterate his commitment to the Cottagers is amazing. And I am sure Vermaelen will come good.

Negotiations must surely be taking place because otherwise either Vermaelen himself, his agent or Arsene Wenger would have denied the rumours.

Meanwhile there is a boring old story saying “Arsenal Target Yaya Toure”. The story has that title because Yaya Toure said he would love to play with his elder brother; something he has said in every transfer window. So according to whoever made that story Yaya Toure saying that means Arsene Wenger is targeting him. *Yawn* I am not even sure if he said that or not. They might have copied the quote from last summer! You never know!