It doesn’t really come as surprise to Arsenal fans does it? We are quite used to it now. Maybe he will buy a player, some 16 year old uknown, not more than that.

The Arsenal manager was asked whether he will be interested in Santa Cruz in the summer. Arsene did not just deny interst in the Blackburn forward but in every player Arsenal have been linked with or will be linked with. The Frenchman said:

“We are not interested in anyone at all. We have a strong squad.

“Next season we will have Andrei Arshavin available for the European matches. Why would i want more?”

He is right about the Arshavin fact because as it seems it is Arshavin’s absence that might not allow Arsenal to win the Champions League so his presence next year will be vital.

But to outrightly deny not buying any player is surprising. If the circumstances arise Arsene should take some cash out. We shouldn’t be too confident that van Persie, Walcott and Adebayor will stay; maybe not even Fabregas. So he should not make the mistake that he made with Flamini. He should be keeping an eye on any possible replacements. If he is thinking that if van Persie and Adebayor leave and then Bendtner can be our first team forward then Arsenal are doomed.

Lets hope he decides to at least replace useless players like Diaby and Silvestre if not add more quality.