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Here is another funny video to cheer you guys up in this boring summer. This one’s way better than that of yesterday!

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Have a look at this picture:


So as you can see, NO ONE has spent as less as Arsenal have in the last 5 years. Arsenal have actually made a profit of 4.79m in their transfer dealings since 2004. Here have a look at the totals:

Manchester United – 66.3m
Chelsea – 142.6m
Liverpool – 89.92m
Arsenal – -4.79m
Aston Villa – 67.65m
Everton – 27.95

So if money guarantees success then Aston Villa should have made it to the Champions League and Arsenal should have been bottom of the table! It has to be said it is because of Arsene Wenger we are still playing Champions League football and at least fighting for trophies if not winning them. You can see from the table Liverpool have spent consistently big in the last five years and yet what have they won? An FA Cup and Champions League and that’s about it. So those who say “money does guarantee a trophy or two unless you are Rafa Benitez” aren’t too wrong! Though not completely right either.

The reason why Arsenal are still up there is possibly because Arsene always spends on the right players and those too are bargain deals. I mean 13m for Arshavin and I am sure we can say he is the second or third best player in the world at the moment! Players of his quality don’t come for less than 50m!

So one can say this year again we might not exactly be spending big but as Arsene said at the end of the season, we will buy ‘the right type of players’. We all know Arsene is capable of finding brilliant players like we have seen with Rosicky, Nasri, Gallas and Arshavin in the last two years. This year could be more of the same. Hopefully the new faces will be good enough to help us win silverware  again.

Adebayor could be on his way out...

Adebayor could be on his way out...

Adebayor has been criticized by fans and most recently ridiculed at the Arsenal Supporters Trust Meeting. Arsene Wenger brushed aside his criticism stating the reason for his inconsistent season has been his injuries, and not his lack of passion.

But the prospect of Adebayor leaving still remains. Arsene did not even rule out the possibility of selling to one of the other Big 4 in the wake of Adebayor being strongly linked with Chelsea. When he was asked wouldn’t it be odd to sell to one of your rivals, the Arsenal manager replied that he has done it before as well so why not again:

“If I feel that a player should go, or could go, why not sell him to one of the other top four?

“Yes, of course, it’s unusual. But we sold Ashley Cole to Chelsea and we bought William Gallas from Stamford Bridge so you cannot say I never do it because I’ve already done it.”

It is weird. First he said Adebayor is in Arsenal’s plans for the future. Then he mentions he could sell a player he wants to to a Big 4 club. Arsene is surely a man hard to understand!

Meanwhile sources close to the club have revealed that if any team – even one of the Big 4 – bid in excess of £20m, then Emmanuel Adebayor will be offloaded. That is not all. They also claim that even if he is sold, no replacement will be bought because then Arshavin could play in his favoured position.

U17 EM Team EnglandArsenal starlet Jack Wilshere was caught up with fellow young Englishmen John Bostock, Gary Gardner and Jonjo Shelvey relaxing.

The youngsters are the brightest talents of England and certainly stars of the future.

Following is a conversation of the four:

On a wall nearby, a flat-screen TV is showing live coverage of Germany against Turkey in the same group as England and Holland. All four teams are staying in the same hotel. Turkey take the lead.

‘Turkey are strong,’ nods Wilshere. Germany level almost instantly with an incredible volley. ‘Wow,’ yells Bostock. ‘Watch this, watch this. Great ball, look at the that. What a finish.’ The game consumes them for a couple of minutes.

WILSHERE: ‘There’s not much mingling between the four teams in the hotel. There’s a lad from Arsenal who plays for Holland and I talk to him. I pass spare time on the laptop or watching DVDs. You can get a bit bored. There’s computers in the rooms.’

BOSTOCK: ‘They’ve got Pro Evolution Soccer, which I’m best at.’

Easy life? Well, it has been said. And it is very much a topic for debate since Frank Lampard claimed that young players these days get too much too soon and lose their appetite for hard work and improvement. WILSHERE: ‘I don’t think that’s right. Maybe at Chelsea it’s like that.’

BOSTOCK: ‘I don’t think they clean boots at Chelsea. My agent used to be a scholar at West Ham and he said they used to paint the changing rooms. So it’s changed a lot. But you’ve got to do those jobs. That inspires you to get to the first team, so you don’t have to do them. It’s good. It’s humbling.

‘We clean boots at Tottenham. Each youth-team player gets assigned to a first-team player, who they think you should look up to and model yourself on. I’ve got Luka Modric. He doesn’t talk. He’s quiet. I don’t think he knows I clean his boots.’

SHELVEY: ‘Do you clean boots at Arsenal, Jack?’

WILSHERE: (shaking his head) ‘I clean my own boots. We have jobs, like sweeping out the boot rooms and that after training.’

GARDNER: ‘We have to do the bibs and the balls.’

BOSTOCK: ‘It’s a long day. I get in at eight o’clock and I get home at half five. Unlike Jonjo.’

SHELVEY (who has been in Charlton’s first team and enjoying the senior side’s training schedule): ‘I get in at 10, have a bit of breakfast, go to training and finish about half one. But then I have to wait because one of the scholars gives me a lift home.’

BOSTOCK: ‘It’s his chauffeur.’

SHELVEY: ‘No, he’s one of my mates and he lives right next to me. I sort him out with a bit of money. On Mondays, I’ll sometimes stay out and do the afternoon session with the scholars or go in the gym and work on my power (he flexes his biceps and grins) but there hasn’t really been much improvement there yet.’

GARDNER: ‘We have to be in at quarter to nine and finish about half three, but on Tuesday afternoon there’s college and we finish about half four.’

SHELVEY: ‘When I was younger, if I had a bad game, I used to think I wanted to be a golfer. We’re lucky about what we do. You always think what you might be doing if you weren’t a footballer. I’d probably be working in McDonald’s.’

WILSHERE: ‘I’d be a plumber like my dad.’

BOSTOCK: ‘I’d probably have gone into athletics, I’m an athlete, me, mate. Or tennis.’ WILSHERE: ‘Your motivation comes from the first-team players. You look at them and think that’s where you want to be. Once you start getting a taste of the first team, you want more.’

BOSTOCK: ‘I find it hard to get comfortable because as soon as you achieve one thing, you’re looking for the next one. You play for the U17s and then you want to play for the U19s, then the U21s. Players I’ve played with like Jack Rodwell and Nathan Delfouneso have moved on to the U19s. Look at Wayne Rooney and you see what’s achievable. I suppose the height is like Cristiano Ronaldo, he gets voted the best player in the world. How does he feel after that?’

WILSHERE: ‘Not this year he isn’t. He’s not the best this year.’

BOSTOCK: ‘Last year. It doesn’t matter what year it was. He was officially the best player in the world.’

WILSHERE: ‘Not this year.’

So who is?

WILSHERE: ‘Messi.’

GARDNER: ‘Gerrard for me. He’s got everything. Best midfielder in the world I reckon. Definitely.’SHELVEY: ‘Yeah, Gerrard.’

WILSHERE: ‘What about Messi?’

GARDNER: ‘Nah, Gerrard, all-round player. He’s a leader as well.’

SHELVEY (pointing at Bostock): ‘It’s aliens. Ask him when it comes to heroes. Ask him about aliens.’

Bostock was once quoted in a magazine interview saying his heroes were Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho and that he and his friends called them ‘aliens’ because they were from another planet. He is still trying to live it down.

BOSTOCK: ‘I was about 15. It looks terrible now, the fact that I said that. I love football, so I’ve always looked up to Ronaldinho, I just love the way he plays football.’

Gardner has a role model within the family. Older brother Craig is at Aston Villa and an England U21 international.

GARDNER: ‘I look up to Craig a lot. Growing up, I’ve seen everything he does and I know what you need to be a Premier League player. That’s helped me a lot. He always came to watch me and knowing your brother is there watching you makes you play better. I still live at home. Craig’s never far away. He comes round almost every day. I’ve got five brothers all together.’

SHELVEY: ‘How big’s your house?’

GARDNER: ‘I’m the youngest. The oldest is 30, I think. Two of us play football. One’s a gardener (general amusement), one’s a florist, a builder, a plasterer. They all played football. One plays for Solihull Moors in the Blue Square North. I don’t know where the talent comes from. I think it’s my mum. She played for Villa girls.’

WILSHERE: ‘When I went to train with the first team, they just said, “watch Fabregas”.’

BOSTOCK: ‘Modric is unbelievable. He sees things other people can’t see. He thinks about two seconds ahead of everyone else. You can’t get near him in training.’SHELVEY: ‘If I want advice, I ask Matty Holland. He’s scored in the World Cup finals and he’s a perfect role model. I can’t drive yet and when we go to away games at night, he’ll take me home after. He’s quality. I’ve got my test in June. We don’t all drive A3s do we?’ This is aimed at Wilshere.

GARDNER: ‘I’ve never driven a car.’

BOSTOCK: ‘I’ve done 10 hours of lessons but I’m already a good driver. I’m doing reversing round a corner now.’

WILSHERE: ‘It took me about nine hours to pass my test. I was a natural.’

Driving tests? Heroes? It’s a reminder that these are just normal teenagers. Well, almost. So, what do they talk about?

SHELVEY: ‘Chicks.’

WILSHERE: ‘Us three talk about girls. I don’t know what he talks about’ (he nods at Bostock).

SHELVEY: ‘He talks about Ronaldinho. He talks about people from Jupiter or Saturn.’

WILSHERE: ‘After the game, we talk about the game, probably for a day.’

SHELVEY: ‘You talk about what you laugh about.’

BOSTOCK: ‘We talk about everything because we spend so much time with each other.’

GARDNER: ‘We tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets.’The England squad meet for dinner and then plan to watch a big match on television. They are expected to be in their rooms for 10.30pm.

BOSTOCK: ‘It makes you more disciplined. You see your mates getting drunk. It’s better that you’re focusing on your dream.’

GARDNER: ‘Your mates say, “come out, we’re going clubbing”. And you have to say no. It’s hard but if you want to get to the top, it’s what you’ve got to do.’

BOSTOCK: ‘This is a great life to lead. But the difference between winning and losing can be very small. So drinking and all that is not going to help.’

SHELVEY: ‘If you go out the night before a game and cost your team a goal, you let everyone down. It’s work, it’s your career. It’s a bonus that there’s good money in it. You’ve got to secure your future after football.’

BOSTOCK: ‘There’s your family as well. They’ve sacrificed so many things for your career that it’s nice to reward them with some money.’

GARDNER: ‘They spend hours driving you everywhere. And all the money they must spend on petrol.’

Germany go on to beat Turkey 3-1 and progress to the last four alongside Holland. England go out – and miss out on a World Cup place – after losing to Germany and Turkey and drawing against the Dutch. The players are obviously disappointed.

BOSTOCK: ‘Coming here, I really thought we had the most talented group. We didn’t fear anyone.’

Wilshere sounds the most mature among the four! I especially loved his comments about Chelsea!

This conversation first appeared in Daily Mail

Wenger - Up for a busy summer

Wenger - Up for a busy summer

Ray Parlour has always been an Arsenal fan since retiring so of course, like us all, he too feels the need for a couple of new and experienced faces at Arsenal. The former Arsenal defender explained the need for for a better central midfielder to partner Fabregas and a strong, maybe two, centre halfs:

“I’m sure Arsene Wenger will look at it in the summer and bring a few more players in. We need a bit more experience.

“The youngsters are fantastic players but they just need that bit more experience in there. The centre of midfield is an area they have to improve.

“They never really replaced Flamini and need a gritty midfielder who can win the ball and run around everywhere. He hasn’t got that now and has too many players who are similar to each other with Denilson and Fabregas.

“I also think he needs a strong central defender at the back who is commanding with a little bit of experience.

“I’m sure Arsene Wenger looks at his squad and thinks they are going to get better next season. They will have more experience.”

Wenger meanwhile has denied he will look for a big name player. All that is needed is the right type of player:

“I don’t think the squad needs major investment.

“At the moment I don’t know what funds will be available. But I just believe we need to continue to improve.

“Of course we play in a strong league against top quality opponents so we need to improve in the areas that are right. That doesn’t mean quantity – and not even quantity of money – it’s just the right type of players.”

Whatever “right type of players” he buys, I hope they will be good enough to deserve to play at Arsenal and that they help Arsenal finally finally win a trophy!

One thing is for sure now, Wenger is resigned to the fact that this squad needs improvements so certainly we will be able to watch a few new players in the Arsenal kit next season. And as is being reported, Gary Cahill may be one of them (or maybe not considering the inflated 20m tag on him by Bolton).

Arsenal paid the price for poor finishing and will now have to face a tough European team to qualify for the Champions League. Not only that but Arsenal’s only remaining goal for the season ended today as well i.e finishing third.


The starting line-up was a big surprise as Fabianski started ahead of Almunia. Adebayor could only make it to the bench after his two non-appearances against Manchester United. Arshavin did not feature at all due to flu.

The game started in high tempo for Arsenal. Quick passing slick movement left Chelsea helpless. Walcott was sizzling and had nearly put Arsenal in the lead inside the first five minutes only for him to shoot high and wide of Petr Cech’s goal.

The Walcott had another attempt on goal but the angle was too tight to beat Cech and then another chance wasted as the youngster shot high. Walcott then turned the provider but his decent cut back was wasted by Abou Diaby. It was coming to Fabregas on his right foot but Diaby took it away from him.

Then a typical Arsenal move nearly sent Fabregas one on one with the keeper but the alert Cech came rushing to end the attack.

Then Diaby made an impressive run down the left flank and picked out the unmarked Walcott just outside the box. But it just wasn’t the Englishman’s day, or Arsenal’s day even. His first time shot went wide of the post.

Then finally Chelsea got their first chance but Malouda’s shot was blocked by Gibbs.

Next chance fell to Song but he too failed to hit the target. It seemed it just wasn’t Arsenal’s day and it was proven in the next minute.

Drogba dived and won a free kick. His delivery into the box was headed into the top corner with Fabianski unmoved.

After that goal Chelsea started dominating and they did not make the mistake that Arsenal did. Missing chances. So with their next chance Anelka fired them into a 2-0 lead with a stunner. Credit to the former Gunner for not celebrating.

Minutes into the second half Fabianski came off his line. Toure didn’t spot him and tried to block the cross and did not make proper contact which sent the ball into the back of the net. For the 2nd time in less than a week we were 3-0 down at the Emirates.

20 minutes later Bendtner headed in Arsenal’s first but had Toure not scored, maybe Arsenal would have had a chance at this stage.

Arsenal did try to get something from the game. The goal brought renewed confidence but the slight chances that remained were dashed by Florent Malouda who scored in the 86th minute, though he seemed offside. That wrapped up an unlucky day for the Gunners ending a 21 match unbeaten League run.

Arsene Wenger said judge me at the end of the season and here it, nearly the end of the season. What is your opinion of Arsene this season?

Almunia wonders will there ever be glory days for this side...

Almunia wonders will there ever be glory days for this side...

The Arsenal players must be frustrated, much more than us fans, but they haven’t let it show. Almunia however could not resist and took out his frustration.

“The young players are internationals and have been playing for Arsenal for a long time. They have played many games. They should have the experience now.

“Everybody is concerned by what happened against United. We need to be criticised.

“We need to do some self-analysis because Arsenal is a big club and we are not here to lose.

“Four years without a trophy is a long time. It’s too much for the fans – they deserve something more from us. Every time a team is in a bad situation you need someone to find a big solution.

“I can’t tell you the solution.

“The boss is the one who understands this club the best. He is one of the best coaches in the country.

“But there are some teams out there who have more power, more strength and a better knowledge and understanding of the big games.

“Maybe it’s because these teams have more players with experience of playing in major finals and winning things. Maybe that’s the solution.”

So firstly he is annoyed why is this team not impoving. We are too. He hears after every season Wenger says next season will be big, this team will be a year older. But it’s just not happening so Almunia’s frustration is justified.

Then Almunia is trying to be the boss, which he isn’t so his “solution” wont be paid any attention to by Arsene.

Looking at Arsenal’s no 1s comments one can feel the atmosphere in the dressing room isn’t the best. Players are losing hope it seems.

Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Arsene Wenger continues his stubborn attitude citing Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner as reasons why he shouldn’t spend this summer.

“The priority is to stay with the squad we have. What am I supposed to do, kick out a quality young player like Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby or Bendtner who is already in his national team?”

Arsene, are you in your senses?! Diaby and Bendtner aren’t going to win you any trophies. They are only good enough to play in a mid table club. This is Arsenal we are talking about. Kick them out. We would all love it. He is right about Fabregas and Walcott, but Diaby and Bendnter! He has got to be kidding!

But the Arsenal manager also managed to make some comments that did make sense:

“I’m not chasing any player, I believe my priority is to stay with the squad we have. It is not all down to spending, it is down to sticking to a policy. Chelsea have spent magic money but still have not won the European Cup.

“We were in the last four in Europe and have not lost a game since November in the League. When you lose everybody gets hammered but to get where we were you need some quality. We have lost against a team who’s better than us. Nothing to be ashamed of, they are the best team in the world.

“We can go further. You cannot imagine that we work as we did with young players and give them a chance, then let them go.”

He has got that right. It is a big achievement to be among the best four teams of Europe with a squad as young as this. Whose midfield this season mostly didn’t have anyone older than 22 (Excluding Eboue, he is not worth mentioning!).

But the thing is we don’t want semi finals. We want silverware. The players want silverware. And we are not going to get that with this squad. Arsene, you’ve got to wake up.

Walcott brings smiles to Arsenal fans after a dissapointing season

Walcott brings smiles to Arsenal fans after a disappointing season

Yes it’s official now. Theo Walcott has signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal.

The young Englishman’s new contract had been under discussion for quite some time but the finalizing of the deal took longer than expected because Arsenal were concentrating solely on their trophy ambitions.

A delighted Arsene Wenger spoke after successfully commiting Walcott’s long-term future to Arsenal:

“We are absolutely delighted that Theo has committed his long term future to Arsenal Football Club. Theo is an intelligent player with amazing ability and speed, and has developed extremely well this season. At still only 20 years of age, Theo has huge potential for the forthcoming years and we are all looking forward to see him grow even more in an Arsenal shirt.”

The youngster was a happy man too:

“I’m absolutely delighted to have signed a new long term contract. I’m so happy here and just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career. Together with the belief of my team mates, the boss and everyone on the staff, everyone has got behind me here at Arsenal which is brilliant.

“It’s fantastic to work with the best manager in the world and play at Emirates Stadium, which is an unbelievable place to play in. I just want to continue playing my football at this Club and look forward to many successful seasons ahead.”

Great news there. It’s good to see he wants to fulfill his title ambitions at Arsenal, the club which has the “best manager in the world”! Best of luck to Theo for the coming seasons.

Lets hope van Persie follows.

Q: Will there be enough money for Wenger to sign a star player in the summer?
Peter Hill-Wood: Absolutely.

So Wenger has got the nod from the Chairman to spend in the summer. That is not all. Hill-Wood also assured Wenger his future is safe at Arsenal despite 4 consecutive barren seasons and he didn’t have kind words for his doubters:

“Arsène’s future is not in question, although I am sure there will be people who have nothing better to do trying to suggest it is. He has another season left on his contract and if he was to ask for an extension we would be delighted. But he hasn’t discussed it with us and we haven’t discussed it with him. There are other things to think about. He is a long-term person. He is not into trying to have a quick fix.”

But lets go back and I think nearly every season Peter Hill-Wood says Wenger has been given the money to spend and yet it’s Wenger’s own choice not to spend big. But this season must have provided enough evidence to the Arsenal manager to convince him that he is not going the right way. Even Arsenal forward Adebayor said we have gone backwards and called for strengthening of the squad in the summer.

Lets wait and see what Arsene does.