Andrew, congratulations on winning! 3:0 on the scoreboard. This means that Arsenal’s autumn starts in the Champions League. In the field at Fratton Park in the match against the current holders of the FA Cup,  you were the captain. Captain, who is traditionally the best player of the team.
Captain? Honestly, for me it was somewhat unexpected. It may be that in the merit of my age, I was the oldest in the composition. Perhaps, therefore, Arsene chose me.

Arshavin on the field Arsenal scores a lot of goals. Let us remember today’s goals. The first ball into the goal. Had you noticed Bendtner, or did it go to him unexpcetedly?
I wasn’t thinking whether it will come to Bendtner or not. I was just hoping that someone will get to it.
If we talk about the game in general, I think we move very quickly from defense to attack. While, on the other hand, and they had opportunities to change the account on the scoreboard. Remember Crouch’s strike.
But the first goal we scored. Again, Crouch had a chance to equalise. He did not make us of it. And then we continued to control the game.

In the game you were brought down twice in the penalty area, but you only won one penalty.
Yes, in the first episode, It was without doubt a penalty kick. Second? It is at the discretion of the referee. Nick scored, and we led 2-0.

Why did you not take the penalty?
Before the game, Arsene wrote a list of will take the penalties. Bendtner was first in that list.

After this goal the fans started to boo you.
They were not happy with the designated penalty kick and with my game!

Second half
At the beginning of the second half we had some problems in the game. This was connected with Kanu coming on. Their composition has two tall players. Crouch and Kanu began to win the upper duel. But our goalkeeper is irreplacapble! Well after that, shortly Vela scored a third goal. After that game was practically over and Arsene had the opportunity to bring on young guys.

Yellow card to you, and red on you.
I was fouled because the area was clear. Red? Insulting. It would have been better had he let me go one on one, I would have scored a goal.

Opponent. A few words about it.
I think that they did not have the motivation. They also did not have several leading players. It was hard to play against us. Yes, and Denilson, who played center midfield, in my opinion, was the master of all players. He selects all the balls right and reviews of all those who have not ran past him.

Portsmouth. Another city which you have visited in England. The city, which has a population of 190 000 people. The city with an interesting history…
Yes. The history of the city, really interesting. Today learned that the King Richard the Lionheart has paid particular attention to this town. I was told that at a place near Portsmouth Charles Dickens was born ….
What I saw? The sea, a lot of yachts. I did not see the city much, just noted when traveling by bus, a very beautiful coastline.