Barry keen on an Arsenal switch

Barry keen on an Arsenal switch

He is not young, he is proven quality, a central midfielder, Premier League proven and he is English!

One would usually expect another 20-25 year old to be linked with Arsenal but this time it’s 28 year old Gareth Barry.

The Englishman was linked with Liverpool and Arsenal last summer and same is the case this year. But this time around he himself wants a move to the Emirates.

Arsenal lacks a quality partner to Cesc Fabregas and Barry could prove to be exactly that. And at the reported £12m price tag, he is not as expensive as one would expect. It is being quoted that Wenger is looking to bid for him. Lets hope he does. I would love to see Barry at Arsenal.

But is he exactly what we need. More of a holding midfielder… Cana seemed a good choice. But looking at video of him it seemed his tackles are too rough and you can’t get away with them in the Premier League. Lets wait and see who Arsene goes for. Who do you think would be a better choice?