by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - A gunner?

Arshavin - A gunner?

Arshavin has been shown on Sky Sports at the airport in London. The Russian was wearing bermuda shorts *laughs*. The deal was being negotiated in St. Petersburg so there was no reason for Arshavin to come to London unless the deal is 99% done. So as it seems Arshavin should be a Gunner in the next few hours. Arsene Wenger is renowned to pull off deadline day miracles and this one might be just another one of those. The recent list comprising Gallas, Diarra and Silvestre might now have another addition!

However there is a twist in the tale. Sky Sports claim Wenger has refused to accept Arshavin’s wage demands so the forward’s trip to London goes in vain. This news seems a load of crap to me. Wouldn’t Wenger know what Arshavin was demanding from the start rather than if this idiotic story is to be believed he has only been told of Arshavin’s wage demands now?!! This is worth a laugh. Why the hell would he specially come to London if Wenger seemed reluctant to give him the wages he wanted?!! So as I mentioned earlier, he wouldn’t be mad enough to come to London for no reason. The deal should ‘almost’ be completed by now and I am hoping for the big pleasant surprise within the next 5 6 hours!

Wenger meanwhile has warned Arsenal fans not to expect too much from Arshavin straight away. The Frenchman said:

“We don’t need an instant saviour. I don’t believe in them. There’s always a danger because people always want a wonder man. But I believe we have to keep going, and accept that the expectation level on him would be very high if he joins us.”

So I expect (or maybe ‘hope’) him to join and that the Sky Sports news regarding the deal being off is a piece of s***