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by Zain Shahid

January is just round the corner and Arsenal as always are being linked with a host of players. I have already mentioned most of them in my previous posts. But one thing that I am not pleased with is that no winger has been linked with Arsenal yet. We have seen in the season so far that lack of wide players has been a huge cause for concern. Yet I am surprised Wenger hasn’t made any move in this direction yet. Denilson and Diaby on the flanks has led to a lack of width in matches and that has on quite a few occasions been the main reason for dropped points. We all know Walcott is out for maybe 2 more months, Rosicky out for the season. That leaves us with Nasri and Eboue. Nasri has had his injury problems so far and Eboue is just not good enough for Arsenal I think. So why not buy a winger?  Maybe Arsene Wenger has plans to play Arshavin on tha right wing i guess. Or maybe some secret transfer! I would like to mention here that in the past couple of seasons all the players that Arsenal has bought, all or nearly all of them had been complete surprises for us as they had not been linked with the club before and the transfer jus came out of the blue moon.

Wenger - Might have some huge surprises for the fans

Wenger - Might have some huge surprises for the fans

Now that I have mentioned Arshavin, there is more to his story. Wenger had an interview on French TV where he said “I start feeling the crisis but I can’t spend £40m. We are looking at a creative player and another midfielder.” Quite surprising because Arsene hardly ever reveals his transfer plans. So now we know who is he looking for. The creative midfielder, I have a feeling, is Arshavin whereas the ‘another midfielder’ could be anyone from Arteta to Alonso to Veloso to In|er. But it could be a winger too as he specifically has not mentioned the word central midfielder. Later when he was asked about the Arshavin link he smiled and replied “Be a little patient. From the moment you give a name, you remove 50% chance of success to sign him.” So he has once again not denied it and we all know when he is not looking for a player and that player is being linked with the club, Wenger has been bold enough to quash the rumours. So good news there for Arsenal fans.

I would like to know if you guys agree with me on the need for a winger.