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Have a look at this picture:


So as you can see, NO ONE has spent as less as Arsenal have in the last 5 years. Arsenal have actually made a profit of 4.79m in their transfer dealings since 2004. Here have a look at the totals:

Manchester United – 66.3m
Chelsea – 142.6m
Liverpool – 89.92m
Arsenal – -4.79m
Aston Villa – 67.65m
Everton – 27.95

So if money guarantees success then Aston Villa should have made it to the Champions League and Arsenal should have been bottom of the table! It has to be said it is because of Arsene Wenger we are still playing Champions League football and at least fighting for trophies if not winning them. You can see from the table Liverpool have spent consistently big in the last five years and yet what have they won? An FA Cup and Champions League and that’s about it. So those who say “money does guarantee a trophy or two unless you are Rafa Benitez” aren’t too wrong! Though not completely right either.

The reason why Arsenal are still up there is possibly because Arsene always spends on the right players and those too are bargain deals. I mean 13m for Arshavin and I am sure we can say he is the second or third best player in the world at the moment! Players of his quality don’t come for less than 50m!

So one can say this year again we might not exactly be spending big but as Arsene said at the end of the season, we will buy ‘the right type of players’. We all know Arsene is capable of finding brilliant players like we have seen with Rosicky, Nasri, Gallas and Arshavin in the last two years. This year could be more of the same. Hopefully the new faces will be good enough to help us win silverware  again.