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FergusonG2608_468x632Sir Alex Ferguson has been in this game long enough not to count Arsenal out of the title race. But there is a condition. IF Arsenal’s old enemy doesn’t return – injuries; though it seems they already have returned as Nasri is out for six weeks and Rosicky for 8 weeks.

“If Arsenal keep clear of injuries, they’ll be up there challenging. Cesc Fabregas has been the architect of that team for the last three or four years.

“I think they’ll be stronger than last season.”

Good thing Ferguson didn’t mention Arsenal in the same sentence as Man City like Arsenal and Man City are going to be title contenders this season! We are way better than them and don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as them!

The Rivals

The Rivals

by Zain Shahid

January is here. Sir Alex Ferguson is making use of it but so far no move from Arsene Wenger. But he has been linked with Arshavin, Arteta, Alonso, In|er to quote a few. I would like to talk about what exactly does Arsenal need this January.

I feel we need cover for the central defence. Gallas is good but he has his days, Toure is good but he is not in form right now and seems unhappy at Arsenal, Djourou is good but needs more time to play regularly in the 1st team. Thats where the list ends. I’m not counting Silvestre here because he is just not good enough. He should be played only when none of the other three I mentioned are unavailable. We have Song too, who Arsene says is more of a centre half than central midfielder but I have so far not been impressed by his tackling. I have seen him commit too many fouls which is not something one would want in a centre half so I would rule him out of the list too. We also don’t have the best young talent in this department either. Only Harvard Nordtveidt has been rated as a really talented centre half in our Reserves. So we need a good not too young and not too old centre back. Its a very tough job to find one but Arsene Wenger is quite good at it so if he feels he need to strengthen this area, he will somehow find a good, capable guy to fill in. But there are other departments that need more urgent strengthening so i guess a new centre back should be left till the summer considering the economic depression so we aren’t going to spend much.