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felipe-melo-horizontal-grandeThe Melo transfer saga is twisting and turning. First he was reported to have signed for Juventus only for Fiorentina’s president to state Arsenal are closer to signing. Then again Juventus seemed to have all but captured their target only for the deal to collapse due to, the other half of the swao deal, Marchionni’s high wage demands. Later Marchionni said Fiorentina are his first choice club and he desperately wants to go there and so yet again in the last few hours a lot of websites have been reporting that a deal has finally been done. But breaking news again. Marchionni’s agent comes out once again stating his client has not signed for Fiorentina and will join Juve in their pre-season traininig:

“There was a deal in place, but there was no agreement and therefore Marco will join Juventus for pre-season.

“It’s a shame as the player wants to join Fiorentina. They are his first choice. Everything is on standby at the moment. I don’t think we can reach a positive solution just yet. However, we have to see what happens in the next few days.”

The deal hasn’t completely collapsed as yet. The agent has not ruled out the possibility of Juventus ending up with their man.

I am starting to think we would be better off without Melo afterall. The guy seems to prefer Juventus over Arsenal so why buy someone who doesn’t want to play for us. Go for Matuidi who loves Arsenal, who wants to play for Arsenal.

ud-almeria-felipe-melo--253x190Fiorentina’s holding midfielder had nearly signed for Juventus as the latter’s president claimed once a few terms will be defined, Melo will then be officially unveiled as a Juventus player.

However those few terms have proved to be the downfall of this move. The deal was actually supposed to be a swap deal involving Melo and Marco Marchionni. Melo’s part of the deal had been agreed upon by both parties but the high wage demands of Marchionni has led to ending of negotiations between the two clubs as Fiorentina were not willing to pay the high wages. Here is what Marchionni’s agent Bruno Carpeggiani had to say:

“Unfortunately, nothing will be done.

“We only asked for €200,000 (£173,000) more than the amount Marco earns at Juventus, but Fiorentina wouldn’t agree. It’s a pity.”

So yet again Arsenal’s chances of capturing Melo rise from the ashes!

0 felipe melo fiorentina barcelonaThere were rumours today stating Arsenal have missed out on the signing of Melo as Juventus have bought the Brazilian international. Those rumours are false for now, but soon they will be a reality according to Juve’s president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

Giovanni Cobolli Gigli explained that there are still some terms in the contract remaining before Melo will be officially unveiled as a Juventus player:

“Melo is not yet a Juve player. The negotiations are still ongoing.

“We still need to define certain terms to officially confirm his signing.”

So that is another possible target gone. Probably Fiorentina asking for Eboue in the deal put Arsene Wenger off as the Arsenal manager is a known admirer of the Ivorian international.

Arsenal could now turn their attention to Marseille’s Lorik Cana who should come very cheap indeed at just £6.5m. Or St. Ettiene’s Blaise Matuidi is another option as he himself wants a move to Arsenal. My choice would be Cana but it’s Wenger’s choice that matters.

Felipe-Melo-001Arsenal target Felipe Melo signed a contract with Fiorentina a few days back but his future at the club still remains a doubt as Arsenal are negotiating with Fiorentina to capture the Brazilian International.

Melo points out that he is very happy at Fiorentina. However, in the wake of the official statement confirming negotiations with Arsenal are taking place, he said if the club decides to sell him then he himself has no idea where he will end up:

“My intention is to return to Florence the moment my summer holiday is over.

“I had been promised that if I had a good season my contract would be renewed. Fiorentina kept their word and this made me both happy and proud.

“I am very happy in Florence, it’s pleasing that people stop me in the street and ask me not to leave.

“I can say that only God knows what my future holds if the club decides to sell me elsewhere.”

0,,14656260-EX,00Fiorentina thought they had tied wanted midfielder Felipe Melo’s future to the club but the contract extension seems to have proved of no use as according to their transfer chief Pantaleo Corvino, negotiations are taking place with Arsenal.

Here is the statement that appeared on the Italian club’s official website:

“The director [Corvino] points out that Arsenal FC are the only club that has come close to [Felipe Melo’s] release clause.

“Fiorentina, in turn, has proposed that the clubs reduce the amount of this clause by entering into negotiations the right back Eboue.”

It would be nice if Melo is bought as we desperately need a holding midfielder. But if it is a swap deal involving Eboue, I surely will not be pleased at all. Eboue is our only good enough back up right back and that is his best position as well. Arsenal need him and I don’t think he should be sold unless an adequate replacement is bought. Again, lets wait and see what happens. I am sure Arsene Wenger would not be eager to let Eboue go.