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0 felipe melo fiorentina barcelonaThere were rumours today stating Arsenal have missed out on the signing of Melo as Juventus have bought the Brazilian international. Those rumours are false for now, but soon they will be a reality according to Juve’s president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

Giovanni Cobolli Gigli explained that there are still some terms in the contract remaining before Melo will be officially unveiled as a Juventus player:

“Melo is not yet a Juve player. The negotiations are still ongoing.

“We still need to define certain terms to officially confirm his signing.”

So that is another possible target gone. Probably Fiorentina asking for Eboue in the deal put Arsene Wenger off as the Arsenal manager is a known admirer of the Ivorian international.

Arsenal could now turn their attention to Marseille’s Lorik Cana who should come very cheap indeed at just £6.5m. Or St. Ettiene’s Blaise Matuidi is another option as he himself wants a move to Arsenal. My choice would be Cana but it’s Wenger’s choice that matters.

Blaise_Matuidi_St_Etienne_818294Yet another player has turned out to be an admirer of Arsenal and their football. This time it’s reported Arsenal target Blaise Matuidi:

“Playing for Arsenal would be fantastic but I can’t say anything about that yet.

“Everyone knows their wonderful style of football.”

The player had already expressed his desire to leave his current club St. Etienne and has now hinted he favours a move to Arsenal. But with Arsenal negotiating with Fiorentina over Melo, Matuidi will just have to play for Arsenal in FIFA 10 I guess. I doubt it will happen in reality. At least not this year.

By Gunner Anto

Possible additions to the squad

Possible additions to the squad

The Summer Transfer Window is here, and it is a difficult choice to see who is the right player(s) to join Arsenal FC.

Now, Arsenal surely do not need any young players as we have enough of those and see all the them advance in their way of playing football and professionalism.

If Arsenal were to get someone young, it has to be someone with great potential, someone with almost the same potential as Henry or Anelka had when they joined. It has to be someone with a great future. We do not really need attackers, as Arsenal’s weakness is it’s central defence and defensive midfield. Fabregas is a world class central midfielder but he has an attacking mentality, so we need someone to cover for him. Song has done a wonderful job doing so this season, but we need someone that is stronger and more experienced than him. He will be a great player in two to three years from now for sure, but for now, we need someone who can do the job, until Song is ready to be a starter.

It is safe too say that we have a great attacking force, Arshavin, Robin Van Persie, Adebayor, Walcott, Eduardo, Nasri, Vela, and Bendtner. If i was Wegner I would not worry too much about attacking players. Although, it wouldn’t be a negative for them to join. We have been linked to some players such as, Yaya Toure (he’s always linked with us), Lorik Cana, Xabi Alonso, Thomas Vermaelen, Blaise Matuidi, and Edin Dzeko. For Xabi Alonso, it looks like it will not happen. Garreth Barry already went to Manchester City, were he is getting paid 100k a week. The people who will be a plus for Arsenal are, Lorik Cana, because he is a strong, big holding midfielder and is not scared to tackle; Blaise Matuidi because he looks like a younger version of Michael Essien, Yaya Toure because he can play almost any defensive role you give him, Thoman Vermaelen, although he is still a raw talent, he can grow into a great center back and Edin Dzeko because he can net many goals and can be a great replacement for Adebayor, who seems quite likely to depart this summer.

Now I have given my opinion, Lets hear yours!
Cheers!  Gunner Anto