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KlaasJan_Huntelaar__387527399Arsene Wenger is finding it hard to cough up any more than £6m for Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh but according to Real Madrid’s special advisor Zinedine Zidane, the Arsenal manager has bid a staggering £17m for unwanted Real Madrid forward Klass-Jan Huntelaar.

But despite the huge offer Zidane said the Dutchman is nearing a move to AC Milan instead. I could not find the exact comments anywhere so I am not exactly sure about the authenticity of this story.

marouane_chamakh_1446972cArsene Wenger is in search of a striker to replace the departed Emmanuel Adebayor and has talked to Bordeaux’s president regarding the possibility of Chamakh joining Arsenal.

Arsenal fans would feel Arsenal need a holding midfielder or even a centre back more than a striker considering the long list of top quality  strikers that Arsenal has despite Emmanuel Adebayor’s departure. But Wenger, it seems, thinks otherwise and is looking for a striker.

This is what Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud had to say:

“Wenger has called me.

“He told me he has a list of forwards and Marouane is one of the names on it.

“However, I expect this could be a complex case which could become a soap opera.”

The last sentence makes one fear this could drag down till the deadline. So hopefully Wenger goes for Huntelaar instead because considering Real are desperately looking to offload him, it shouldn’t take that long and hence Wenger can make moves for some holding midfielders.

KlaasJan_Huntelaar__387527399Reported Arsenal target Klaas Jan Huntelaar has been told he is not a part of Real Madrid’s plans anymore hence his departure seems inevitable now. The question is when and where to? Arsenal are considered front runners for the signature of the Dutch international as a replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Real Madrid forward has been left out of the pre-season squad and his shirt number has been given to a youngster who is a youth team product of Real. So Huntelaar has clearly been told he is unwanted at the Bernebaeu.

The 25 year old is Arsenal fan’s favourite choice to replace Emmanuel Adebayor and his stats show why. 76 goals from 92 appearances for Ajax, 8 from 20 for Real Madrid and 13 from 23 for Netherlands. One thing is for sure, a new striker is needed at Arsenal. Doesn’t matter if the fans hated Adebayor, the point is he was a 15+ goals a season forward and hence needs to be replaced. Ok Eduardo is back but you cannot be sure injuries won’t come back to ruin Arsenal’s chances again so a new striker is needed. Arsene has the money now. 25m from Adebayor and now 16m from Toure. Add to that the money they already had and surely there’s enough money to buy a world class striker and a holding midfielder.

Nasri Denies Rift With Gallas

Nasri Denies Rift With Gallas

William Gallas known for his bad attitude has been reported to be on bad terms with Samir Nasri. According to Nasri though it was just an ordinary little argument in a training session which was before he joined Arsenal. But now, he says, it has long been forgotten and that now they get on well.

“We had words at the Euros but it was during a training session and immediately forgotten. Since I came to Arsenal there has been no problem. We have got on well in my time here. They are just the type of things that can happen in training. It was just something that we didn’t agree on. It was all forgotten that night and we had a chat at the hotel. I don’t know why it had so much coverage. It was all over something and nothing. People said I showed a lack of respect for Thierry Henry. Quite simply when I started out in the French national side, Henry had been out with a back injury and I had been sitting in a place on the coach which in his return turned out to be where he sat. As soon as I discovered that I got up and let him sit down. Maybe people were looking for excuses because we had done badly in the Euros but certainly I don’t think you can blame that on the fact that I sat in Thierry Henry’s seat.”

Seems like a small issue. Just because he sat in Henry’s seat doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect him! And as for that argument in training between the two, it’s no surprise considering the character of Gallas! Gallas had also mentioned in his autobiography a 20 year old who did not show respect to his elder players in Euro 2008. That 20 year old was reported to be Nasri.  But lets not make a big deal of this issue as its a thing of the past and Gallas has learnt to shut up now!

Meanwhile there has been some crazy talk going on in the papers about Adebayor to be sold to Barcelona in the summer for £20m. Though I want him out, but he will never fetch that much amount of money and that it is just a stupid attention seeking news. Fabregas has also been linked to Real Madrid. Again crap news. It is just too early to be talking about such transfers right now.

To link up with Adebayor’s departure, Huntelaar is being straight away rumoured as a possible replacement. The Dutchman has been a failure at Real Madrid where he moved for £17m. Real want to offload him and Wenger has always been fond of the striker so everyone can straight away start making stories about him coming to Arsenal.