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by Shayan Niazi

With Man Utd and Liverpool likely to dominate the title race again this season, Aston Villa and Chelsea could find themselves in a scrap for third place.

Fabregas like Gunners and Gooner staring at 5th place

Fabregas like Gunners and Gooners staring at 5th place

Arsenal’s squad appears weaker, with the summer departures not quite balanced by the new arrivals. Losing key players like Alexander Hleb and Mathieu Flamini, as well as experienced squad members Jens Lehmann and Gilberto Silva must surely take their toll both on and off the pitch.

Other news is Alexandre Hleb is determined to stick it out at Barca and fight for his place, it’s a shame he didn’t show the same mettle at Arsenal, but then he’d look a right plonker if he left Barca wouldn’t he? It’s good to see the curse of Arsenal is still working though and should if nothing else show to any want-aways that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

It’s a testament to Arsene Wenger’s ability that there are no rumours of discontent despite Arsenal not winning a major trophy since lifting the FA Cup in 2005. Many fans recognise what Wenger is doing post Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and co, and with the emergence of the talent at his disposal now the Frenchman will fully expect his squad to challenge for the Premiership.

With the loss of key players in the past 2 seasons it takes time to re-build a team. Wenger doesn’t go spending large sums on celebrity players, instead he takes a considered approach and looks to the long term but in the end fails to meet the expectations of the board.

The main question is that CAN Arsenal finish in the top 4? The current stats tell us finishing in the top 4 requires a lot more than Arsenal are doing at the moment , and Wenger’s treating it like a joke. Sure, it’s good he’s got philosophies of how the game should be played and wants to bring youngsters through but he’s still being paid to win football matches.
He almost seems to be being defiant and stubborn in not buying players to try to prove a point but the bottom line is the money’s there and it’s obvious to anyone he needs a centre-back and a defensive midfielder and, as long as he’s not buying those players, he’s letting the fans down, letting the board down and basically failing to do what he’s paid to do.
current news tells us :
Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has told Arsene Wenger the club would not suffer a financial apocalypse if they did not secure a Champions League berth.
Currently in fifth place and eight points behind leaders Manchester United, Wenger is facing the reality of finishing outside the top four for the first time in his 13 year reign.
But Hill-Wood has moved to assure Arsenal fans that if the club has to settle with a Uefa Cup place there would be no financial meltdown and nor would they struggle to continue paying off the mortgage on their £360 million stadium.
“Although missing out on the Champions League for one year would be a big disappointment, it would not mean financial Armageddon for Arsenal.

Arsenal are currently in need of 12 points to cover the gap between Manchester United and are 5 points away from Chelsea , with the games in hand being taken away one by one and a total of 13 games left Arsene and his team need to go all out in order to earn a Champions League spot.
Wenger needs to try different tactics to save his team from finishing 5th , and try a different set of players who might make it count for the team. With the absence of Fabregas , Walcott and Rosicky there is no influential player left in the field and Wenger is left with no other option but to bring on players like Ramsey , Arshavin and Wilshere if he wants to go for it.

(The writer of this article is a Chelsea fan but admires Arsenal and their style of play so he closely follows the club)

Arshavin - Hleb expects him to have a great time at Arsenal

Arshavin - Hleb expects him to have a great time at Arsenal

Alexander Hleb has tipped Andrei Arshavin to shine at Arsenal. The Belarus midfielder himself is one of the most creative midfielders around but has failed to do at Barcelona what he is capable of. The void left by Hleb’s departure in the Arsenal side was filled by Nasri but with injuries to Fabregas and Walcott, Arsenal are looking very unimpressive as of late. However, with Arshavin coming in, the lack of creativity of Arsenal lately may be a thing of the past very soon. Arshavin is quicker than Hleb, can provide killer passes, has brilliant technical skill and is not at all shot shy so he can score great goals (unlike Hleb). Hleb is surely missing his time at Arsenal as first team opportunities at Barcelona have been very limited for him so the playmaker has it seems been following Arsenal and we have seen him commenting about Arsenal before. Now the former Arsenal man has tipped Arshavin to stardom at Arsenal:

“I’m sure he will be a success at Arsenal because I know what you can do when the coach trusts you. I know Andrei well and also the style of the team, which makes me believe that he will enjoy his time at Arsenal.”

Hope he is right.

Fabregas and Hleb - Old friends reunite

Fabregas and Hleb - Old friends reunite

Meanwhile injured Arsenal captain Fabregas is enjoying in Barcelona while he recovers from his injury and had a chance to meet his old pal Hleb. The duo were best friends during Hleb’s time at Arsenal. The two friends spent a night out last Wednesday and watched Arsenal’s dramatic draw with Everton together.

“I watched the Everton game on Wednesday night with Alex Hleb in Barcelona. It wasn’t being shown on general television in Spain, but eventually managed to find a place where it was on, but it was a very strange place! It was nice to watch it with Alex, and I was very pleased for the team that they got the equaliser.”

So Fabregas sure must be having a good time there. To meet up with old freinds is always a great pleasure. But on Fabregas’s part, the fact that he, staying in Barcelona, has stayed away from Camp Nou is a very positive step. He is a very committed Arsenal player and I sure am proud he is our captain.

by Zain Shahid

This season has been one of the worst in Arsene Wenger’s career at Arsenal and when you look at the trend with Arsenal’s points tally and performances overall improving since the last 3 seasons, this season has come as a big unpleasant surprise. The big question in everyone’s mind is what has gone wrong this season.

Arsenal miss their partnership
Arsenal miss their partnership

The main reason in most people’s minds would be the departures of Flamini and Gilberto. They were our main holding midfielders and who would not agree to the fact that Flamini was one of our best players of the season, second only to Fabregas. With their departures we have had to play on most ocassions without a holding player or sometimes with Song in that role and everyone knows he is just not good enough to be in our first team. And the fact that Wenger has been more interested in signing Arshavin than a defensive midfielder came as a big surprise to me. (Talking of Arshavin, Zenit have said they are waiting for a reply from Arsenal as negotiations continue; and Wenger has said he wants the deal done before the match against West Ham.) We know there has been a lack of clean sheets this season and it can be blamed on the lack of a natural holding midfielder in the side rather than putting all the blame on Gallas and Toure. But to add to that the lack of defensive cover has also been a big factor. When Gallas and Toure have been out, the far from convincing Silvestre has come to fill in or the inconsistent Djourou. If Arsenal fail to keep a clean sheet against West Ham tomorrow then they will have just 15 clean sheets so far whereas last season in the same period they had 20 and we have conceded 35 goals so far compared to 28 last year at this time.

One of the most creative midfielders Arsenal has had in recent times
One of the most creative midfielders Arsenal has had in recent times

Another reason is Hleb’s departure and with it his creativity that pierced defences open. Ok Hleb did not score as much as he should have but he was exceptionally talented when it comes to creativity. I’ll be honest, I miss Hleb. Some might say Nasri has been a great replacement and I agree, especially considering he scores a lot. But the problem lies in piercing defences open, creating a lot of chances rather than passing sideways all match. Nasri can do the job but he can’t play up to the level he is capable of on the left. Last year Hleb was played as a second striker and he was brilliant there, I see no reason why isn’t Nasri played there too. He has showed with his few performances in the centre how good he can be and especially with Fabregas out he is needed there.

Not good enough...
Not good enough…

Then comes the lack of support Fabregas got in the centre and lack of quality in midfield. This really does not need much explanation. We all know Song has been hopeless and Denilson can’t defend so Fabregas has had to worry more about tracking back rather than doing his job i.e ripping apart defences with his exceptional passing. On the wing we have seen Denilson, Diaby and Eboue. All have not played up to the mark. Imagine for instance if Denilson was in AC Milan, or Barcelona or Manchester United. Would he be in their first team? Noway! He is not good enough to be in the first team of a top European club. Same goes for Song, Diaby and Eboue. We have been just waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come of age. Will they ever be good enough? Doesn’t seem so does it?! Especially Eboue. I have always mantained he should be sold and replaced with a natural, world class winger and I stand by it.

Gone... And injured
Gone… And injured

A lot might say injuries have been the biggest setback this season. Imagine Rosicky on the left, Fabregas in the centre, Walcott on the right, Nasri supporting van Persie and Adebayor. With a defensive midfielder this attack can be the best in the world but poor us, all these guys are hardly fit together. But the point is players get long-term injuries like we have seen with van Persie in the past, now Rosicky is still out, Eduardo is coming back, Walcott and Fabregas still out; these injuries are not going to happen every year will they. That’s what everyone said of van Persie when he got injured time and time again but they were wrong. He has showed his fitness and class. He has been our player of the season so far. So if the aforementioned players remain fit, Arsenal are a side to be feared by all European power houses. They may be injured now, but they won’t be out for 3 4 months every season, hopefully not next season.

These reasons have led to defensive frailty and lack of creativity up front. Right now it’s just van Persie keeping Arsenal in the fight for the title, even though with all the poor results we have got this season and where we lie in the table at the moment thinking of winning the season seems quite unrealistic. This season looks like a fight for a Champions League place and not the title. The only very dim hope remaining is that van Persie contines the form of his life and with Nasri, keeps getting decent results for Arsenal till Fabregas and Walcott return. That might be the turning point of the season if Arsenal are still in the race for the title when the duo make their comebacks.

by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - Praying for Arsenal Move!

Arshavin - Praying for Arsenal Move!

Andrei Arshavin’s is desperate to join Arsenal. Zenit have resigned to selling the Russian star but their high demands are frustating not only Arsenal, Dennis Lachter, Gooners, but Arshavin himself too! Arshavin seemingly likes Arsenal and wants the move to go through but is not at all pleased with Zenit’s ‘artificial’ demands.

“I see Arsenal as my team of the future. Everything now depends on Zenit. If they want to sell me, they can do it very quickly. My hopes now rest with God. Apart from Him, nobody can help me. Zenit have to think realistically. I believe Arsenal’s offer is much closer to my real value in the transfer market at the moment. ‘It is obvious that in these times of [financial] crisis, no one will offer such a big amount.”

Seems like Arshavin is more intellegent than Zenit’s officials! Zenit should know no one is going to give them what they are asking for in these times. It’s quite obvious and I hate their stubborn attitude of sticking with their demands. Sooner or later they will have to settle for around £12m to £15m so why not do it now rather than needlessly waste time. One can see the pain in Arshavin’s words! Man he really wants to come to Arsenal badly! Wow! As for misleading comments made by Dennis Lachter time and time again, they are not to be entirely trusted as according to Zenit’s officials he is not a part of the negotations that are taking place between the two clubs. And now that Arshavin wants to leave, this saga reminds me of Hleb! He too wanted to leave, Arsenal did not want to lose him. But eventually he ended up where he wanted to go. Hopefull the same will happen for Arshavin!.

Talking of Hleb, the Barca man is quite optimistic about Arshavin’s tranfer to Arsenal. He said:

“Wenger always shows that he believes in his players. It gives the players great energy and helps in any situation. I am sure that if Andrei joins Arsenal, it will work out well. There, he would be an even bigger star. He needs to train well and be himself. Arshavin is a top-class footballer and I think he would fit into Arsenal’s plans. However, it would be important for him to learn English.”

Seems like Hleb follows Arsenal! And why would he not, he hardly plays for Barce! Poor lad! But its nice to see him talking well of Arsenal. I completely agree with him.

by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - comments!

Arshavin - comments!

Andrei Arshavin is in the news once again. The speculation linking him with Arsenal is just not ending but lets hope its like Hleb’s case! This time around Zenit’s manager Dick Advocaat has gone on record saying:

“I am aware that Arsenal are interested but I don’t know any more than that. However, I am expecting Arshavin to leave Zenit for another club. He is a top player and he could play for any of the top teams in England. He was voted player of the year by the sportswriters last season – and they know everything! Arshavin played well for us last season but he didn’t play as well as he can. There is still more to come from him and people will see that.”

Also as Arshavin was in London with reports suggesting he had a visit to Arsenal’s training ground, his agent was not present there and he was doing his dirty old job back home. He said:

“For now, there are not any negotiations going on, but I believe in the near future he will be on the move and that next week will bring some news. I am sure that any club would be interested in the services of a quality player like Andrei, but it all depends on the money Zenit are asking for. However, I do not believe that they can get the money they want – the pound is going down and there is all this difficult financial situation which does not help.”

This situation is getting more and more complicated day by day. Especially this mischievous Dennis Lachter just can’t shut his mouth. One day he makes a statement and the other a completely contradictory statement from his previous one. But money certainly remains a major factor. As this endless transfer saga is dragging on and on I am starting to fear Arsene Wenger might in the end not be willing to spend the £20m after all. I, honestly speaking, am losing hope now.

Eboue - Claims interest from Inter

Eboue - Claims interest from Inter

Lets turn attention to some good news now!:P Emmanuel Eboue has claimed Inter Milan are interested in him. Well, lets hope its true and that they are seriously interested in him and Eboue decides to leave! The Arsenal right winger said:

“I have been linked with Inter before, but at the moment I am happy at Arsenal. I am fighting to reach the level I was at in 2006. I have been the victim of many injuries and that is why I have not been consistent enough. But I will fight and prove my worth to the fans. I am happy at the club. Inter are a great club as well, but I don’t know what will happen. Let’s wait and see.”

I like the lets wait and see part! But it would be being over-optimistic to even expect Inter to buy Eboue unless they are looking to improve their Reserves side!

And sorry guys I haven’t been posting for some days. I wasn’t well and still am not but I got a request to write some new posts so I have attempted to do it here!