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Adebayor could be on his way out...

Adebayor could be on his way out...

Adebayor has been criticized by fans and most recently ridiculed at the Arsenal Supporters Trust Meeting. Arsene Wenger brushed aside his criticism stating the reason for his inconsistent season has been his injuries, and not his lack of passion.

But the prospect of Adebayor leaving still remains. Arsene did not even rule out the possibility of selling to one of the other Big 4 in the wake of Adebayor being strongly linked with Chelsea. When he was asked wouldn’t it be odd to sell to one of your rivals, the Arsenal manager replied that he has done it before as well so why not again:

“If I feel that a player should go, or could go, why not sell him to one of the other top four?

“Yes, of course, it’s unusual. But we sold Ashley Cole to Chelsea and we bought William Gallas from Stamford Bridge so you cannot say I never do it because I’ve already done it.”

It is weird. First he said Adebayor is in Arsenal’s plans for the future. Then he mentions he could sell a player he wants to to a Big 4 club. Arsene is surely a man hard to understand!

Meanwhile sources close to the club have revealed that if any team – even one of the Big 4 – bid in excess of £20m, then Emmanuel Adebayor will be offloaded. That is not all. They also claim that even if he is sold, no replacement will be bought because then Arshavin could play in his favoured position.