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Silva - Attracting interest from Wenger

Silva - Attracting interest from Wenger

According to Daily Mail Arsene Wenger is looking for Spain and Valencia star David Silva. The left winger is one of the best wingers out there with a lot of top clubs after him.

The 23 year old was one of the most impressive players of Euro 2008 and has certainly impressed Wenger it seems. There have been rumors that Silva wants to play in the Premier League, though Spanish powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona are also afer him. Wenger is known for getting the best out of young players and Silva could be a wonderful buy for Arsenal. Valencia are going through a very severe financial crisis and they will demand quite some money for the acquiring the services of one of their best players but as is being stated, Wenger has already asked for at least 20m to be saved before the summer transfer window. Silva will have an extra incentive of playing with one of his closest friends i.e Fabregas.

Do Arsenal need him? We have Nasri, Rosicky and Arshavin who can play on the wing and are world class players and add to it Eboue. Sell Eboue buy Silva! A player of Silva’s calibre is always welcome at Arsenal.

But considering its by Daily Mail, who are becoming as bad as News of the World at such stuff, it might just be another one of those poor baseless  rumours.