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Arsenal vs Cardiff City

Arsenal vs Cardiff City

Arsenal fans may be desperate for trophies but this season is shaping up into one in which qualifying for the Champions League seems more important, at least to Arsene Wenger it does.

“I still believe that the first trophy you want is qualifying for the Champions League.”

As it seems, its looking really tough for Arsenal to claim the final Champions League berth but if they somehow manage to do it, it sure will seem like a trophy! But the excitement will wear off soon. We all want real silverware. The next step after qualifying for Champions League will be:

“Then win the Premier League and win the Champions League, then other trophies you go after. We were very close in 2006 and we have been in the Champions League every year. That is what you want to achieve first again but, of course, we want to win trophies.”

Take the Premier League out of that list! We all want to win it and its really hard to accept we are out of the title race but at the end of the day we have to think realistically and admit we are not in the title race. Champions League is obviously the best we can get but it will be very very tough. The FA Cup seems like our best chance of winning any silverware this season.

Apart from that Wenger along with praising Cardiff’s last year’s FA Cup run thinks it wasn’t too special as at the last part of the run, the big teams were all out so it was easy going for them. Indirectly Wenger is saying they can’t beat big teams! Mind games!

“They had a run, and it was a fantastic run,” said Wenger. It is still magic because anybody would love to play at Wembley. But the final part of that run was when all the big teams were already out.”

“We have been to Wembley in the FA Cup in 1998, but not since. At the moment we are too far away to say that we will get there this year, but we will give everything to get there. The players are motivated for the Cardiff game and want to win.”

No surprises there.

Meanwhile Cardiff manager Dave Jones insists they have an advantage going into the FA Cup replay as all the pressure is on Arsenal. Maybe he is forgetting his team will be playing at Emirates:P But yeah good attitude. If Hull can beat us at home why can’t they.

“They’re at home tomorrow night, Arsene has the bigger team and the bigger stars – so all the pressure goes onto him. But he has that week-in, week-out anyway.”

“To outsiders looking in, most clubs playing against higher division teams will be expected to lose. But this is the FA Cup. And as we know from last year, things can happen. There are always chinks in a team’s armour. The difference at Premier League level is, if you give them an opportunity, they’ll more than likely take it. Give them even half a chance and they’ll sniff it out. At our level, it might take one or two goes at it.”

“If we go there thinking we haven’t got a chance, what’s the point of turning up? We will give our utmost to get a victory, as we always do. And it’s not out of our reach to do that. A few weeks ago, I watched Derby County beat Manchester United – and they’re world champions, never mind champions of this country. I don’t think Derby players went into that game thinking they couldn’t get something from it. What we’ve got to do is try and get our noses in front so we’ve got something to hang on to. You’ve got to play your own game and be at your best to stand a chance.”

Now that is a very positive attitude from the Bluebirds’ boss.

And considering the recent results of Arsenal: 0-0, 1-1, 0-0, 0-0, Cardiff will surely give Arsenal a run for their money. Arsenal need to improve dramatically if they want to stay in the FA Cup. FA Cup is always full of surprises and there is no reason not to accept that there is a chance of Arsenal losing on Monday. But still lets have high hopes. Arsenal have the squad to go all the way so why not!