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Just like after every season in the past 4 years, we will all be saying we will win it next year. Disaster yet again. The commentator summed up the fans agony at the end when he said:

“Arsene says my players have the potential but when will this potential turn to prizes”

It’s a big question. Most people will say never. We can’t win it with these guys. We need a lot of improvements in the summer. We come up with excuses every year, with injuries being the biggest of them. This year Arshavin’s absence is another big excuse. But the bottom line is this squad just can’t win a trophy. We are good. No doubt about that. But Chelsea are better. Manchester United are better. Barcelona are better.

We have beaten Chelsea and United this season but that was in the League. There is no pressure in those matches compared to big semi finals and finals. So Arsene’s theory that his team’s quality can overcome the inexperience has been proven wrong this season. We need experience and we need more quality.

Ok Denilson has quality, Song has, Djourou has it, Bendtner has it. But compare them with Carrick, Essien, Tevez, Anelka and they are just not good enough. This team needs experience and talent that is polished. We don’t need raw talent. Talented players like Denilson and Gibbs can get you to the semi finals but when in pressure situations they will fail as the unfortunate slip of Gibbs suggested. He is a talented lad and we all feel sorry him, even one United fan said to me I really feel sorry for him.

But it is a lesson for Wenger. You need a better squad than this if you want trophies. Yesterday did it look like we were playing at Emirates. Certainly not. Fabregas, Nasri, van Persie tried all they could but they were helpless. United were too good.

And what about Walcott. He showed again he is so not a big match player. He is ruthless against poor defenders of small teams but where does his quality disappear when up against players like Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand.

This team needs a makeover. Fans are all sick of hearing we will win it next season. Next season they will be a year more experienced and they will do it. Will that ever be true?

Arshavin coming in really was a wake up call. Seeing him play and seeing other average players play really showed the lack of quality. We need better players if we are to win any trophy and Arsene has to accept that.

The more the trophyless seasons continue, Arsenal will start not to be known as a big club anymore. Big players wouldn’t join Arsenal. We can’t afford that. We need trophies and we want them quick.

There wouldn’t be a single person out there who would say no we don’t need any new players and that this squad is good enough. Except for Wenger of course.

Even fans of other clubs are amazed how can the manager of such a big club not win trophies for 4 years and still continue. I am not suggesting that he should be sacked because he shouldn’t be but that it’s not something ordinary for a big club to remain trophyless for 4 years. How can it happen again and again and yet the same mistakes are being repeated every year. With this lack of experience we won’t win anything. This squad is not good enough. Accept it or not but that is the harsh reality.

Ok it is a wonderful achievement to reach the semi finals of FA Cup and Champions League with such an extremely young side but who cares. A lot of years later will anyone remember that in 2009 Arsenal reached the the semi finals of Champions League? No, certainly not.  It is a win that will be remembered not a semi final appearance.

Arsene we all trust you and you have to admit this side won’t get us trophies. Improve it. We don’t want an entirely new 11. But a few improvements. A better forward that Adebayor. A better central midfielder. Maybe a better winger who can cross. And certainly a new centre half. It has to be done and it has to be done this summer. It has been a long enough wait already.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson has said this is Manchester United’s biggest game ever and considering the youth of Arsenal, it is even bigger for the Gunners.

Arsenal will be boosted by the possible return of forward van Persie. Playing with two forwards when goals are desperately needed was essential so it’s great to have the Dutchman back fit. Now Wenger has to start him.

As van Persie might come in, Silvestre might only make it to the bench. The former United player has a groin problem and might not be risked with a start (I hope so!).

The importance of the match cannot be stressed enough. For such a young side to reach the semi finals is not an ordinary achievement. It is something even the likes of Real Madrid haven’t managed to do in quite a long time now.

But the 1-0 deficit could prove to be dangerous. One away goal and Arsenal will then have to score an unlikely 3 goals against Vidic, Ferdinand and van der Saar. That is going to be very tough.

Arsenal will have to try and get an early goal. That goal can shift the advantage towards Arsenal. The longer Arsenal fail to score tonight, the tougher the chances of progressing will become so certainly an early goal is vital.

But apart from the early goal Arsenal have to defend exceptionally well. Almunia, Sagna, Gibbs and Toure can do the job well but the problem rests with the other central defender. If Silvestre is started then the tie will be nearly over right at that moment. A start for Djourou and the chances will be better. This side has 8 consecutive clean sheets at the Emirates. Making that nine and scoring a couple of goals with it will be a huge achievement!

It will be interesting to see who starts. Wenger must not make any big mistakes this time like he did in the FA Cup final. DON’T PLAY DIABY. I would prefer Song ahead of Denilson. And please play Nasri on the left instead of as a holding midfielder. Walcott on the right and van Persie playing just behind Adebayor.

Sagna     Toure     Djourou     Gibbs
Walcott    Fabregas    Nasri
van Persie

This line-up has got defensive stability and a decent attack that can get even three goals when needed. Lets hope Wenger goes for it. Fingers crossed!

After the result of the first leg I had lost hope of progressing but now I am confident this side can do it. They can stop United from scoring and they can score 3 against United.

2-0 to Arsenal!