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Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Arsene Wenger continues his stubborn attitude citing Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner as reasons why he shouldn’t spend this summer.

“The priority is to stay with the squad we have. What am I supposed to do, kick out a quality young player like Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby or Bendtner who is already in his national team?”

Arsene, are you in your senses?! Diaby and Bendtner aren’t going to win you any trophies. They are only good enough to play in a mid table club. This is Arsenal we are talking about. Kick them out. We would all love it. He is right about Fabregas and Walcott, but Diaby and Bendnter! He has got to be kidding!

But the Arsenal manager also managed to make some comments that did make sense:

“I’m not chasing any player, I believe my priority is to stay with the squad we have. It is not all down to spending, it is down to sticking to a policy. Chelsea have spent magic money but still have not won the European Cup.

“We were in the last four in Europe and have not lost a game since November in the League. When you lose everybody gets hammered but to get where we were you need some quality. We have lost against a team who’s better than us. Nothing to be ashamed of, they are the best team in the world.

“We can go further. You cannot imagine that we work as we did with young players and give them a chance, then let them go.”

He has got that right. It is a big achievement to be among the best four teams of Europe with a squad as young as this. Whose midfield this season mostly didn’t have anyone older than 22 (Excluding Eboue, he is not worth mentioning!).

But the thing is we don’t want semi finals. We want silverware. The players want silverware. And we are not going to get that with this squad. Arsene, you’ve got to wake up.


Almunia – 7 – He showed today how much we missed him. Despite being out for some time, he did not let it show. A very solid performance and that save to deny Aliadiere was just world class. It’s great to have him back for the semi final against Manchester United.

Eboue – 7 – Good enough. It was a good decision of Arsene to play Eboue at right back ahead of Sagna as the latter was very poor in the mid-week. His passing was good and he had a wonderful assist as well (No wonder why Wenger called him ‘Pass Master’!). But he was looking too eager to go forward which can leave a gap at the back.

Toure and Silvestre – 7 – Hardly had anything to do but when they did they did not put a foot wrong.

Gibbs – 7.5 – Yet another superb performance. The youngster is impressing everyone with surprisingly good performances. He knows when to go forward, making aggressive runs; links up quite well with Arshavin and hardly lets anyone past him when defending.

Nasri – 6.5 – He can put in decent tackles like he showed today but I prefer an attacking role for him. He did give away the ball a few times today. But still not a bad performance.

Denilson – 6.5 – Short passes all match but it’s good because he doesn’t have enough quality for through balls and long passes that the likes of Fabregas, Arshavin and Nasri do. But he was the holding midfielder and did his job well enough today. Still I feel Song is better.

Arshavin – 8 – Pure class. To come to the Premier League, then put up such world class performances in every single match is just amazing. Hats off to the lad.

Fabregas – 8.5 – He is just too good. His range of passing, vision and he even showed some cool finishing today. Amazing.

Walcott – 6.5 – He is always a constant threat to the opposition but sometimes his decision making lets him down. Passing the ball when he should be taking the defender on or the other way around . Also his first touch is quite poor at times and he needs to improve his crossing. No one is going to head crosses that come at 100 miles an hour. But he has immense talent no doubt about that so he will learn. His ability to take on defenders is a big big asset.

Bendtner – 7 – He worked really hard today. But he is a forward so he should play where the forward is supposed to be and not shift to the wing too often. Still it was one of the better performances from the young Dane.


Djourou – 7 – He was good enough. Maybe because he hardly had anything to do! I would prefer him over Silvestre anytime, especially on Wednesday against Manchester United.

Diaby – 6.5 – Got a little time but he was quite intent on going forward an troubling the Boro defence. I know most wont agree but I rate him higher than Denilson.

Adebayor – 5 – Looked very rusty after returning from some time out due to injury. Couldn’t threaten the defence or keeper and wasted a good opportunity because of a poor touch.