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Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Arsene Wenger continues his stubborn attitude citing Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner as reasons why he shouldn’t spend this summer.

“The priority is to stay with the squad we have. What am I supposed to do, kick out a quality young player like Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby or Bendtner who is already in his national team?”

Arsene, are you in your senses?! Diaby and Bendtner aren’t going to win you any trophies. They are only good enough to play in a mid table club. This is Arsenal we are talking about. Kick them out. We would all love it. He is right about Fabregas and Walcott, but Diaby and Bendnter! He has got to be kidding!

But the Arsenal manager also managed to make some comments that did make sense:

“I’m not chasing any player, I believe my priority is to stay with the squad we have. It is not all down to spending, it is down to sticking to a policy. Chelsea have spent magic money but still have not won the European Cup.

“We were in the last four in Europe and have not lost a game since November in the League. When you lose everybody gets hammered but to get where we were you need some quality. We have lost against a team who’s better than us. Nothing to be ashamed of, they are the best team in the world.

“We can go further. You cannot imagine that we work as we did with young players and give them a chance, then let them go.”

He has got that right. It is a big achievement to be among the best four teams of Europe with a squad as young as this. Whose midfield this season mostly didn’t have anyone older than 22 (Excluding Eboue, he is not worth mentioning!).

But the thing is we don’t want semi finals. We want silverware. The players want silverware. And we are not going to get that with this squad. Arsene, you’ve got to wake up.

Wenger and Fabregas

Wenger and Fabregas

Arsene Wenger is confident Arsenal’s midfield maestro Cesc Fabregas will stay at the club much longer than expected.
Fabregas had earlier said he will consider moving from the club whenever Wenger leaves but Wenger is overly confident of a long stay at Arsenal for the current captain. The Arsenal manager said:

“I hope his future will last longer than mine because I think he can still be here in ten years. Cesc should be one of the bases of this club. I think the club should be built around personalities like Cesc and that is why I hope he will still be here. He is 22 years old in 2009 and at 32, he will still play.”

And regarding his own future at the club, he insists he is fully committed to Arsenal:

“I have never allowed anyone to question my commitment to this club, in the good and in the bad times, that has not changed in my mind. They (City] have a very good manager in Mark Hughes. He is doing a good job. They have to keep confidence in him. On my side, I am contracted until 2011 and until 2011 I do not envisage to go anywhere else.”

I have always expected Wenger to stay at Arsenal till at least his contract runs out. He will, I am sure, not leave before 2011. After 2011 it will be down to whether he feels he can continue with the same passion he had a few years back or not. But before 2011, I don’t see him moving anywhere.



Meanwhile Wenger was excited about the impending return of Theo Walcott. The Frechman said:

“He can be very good for us. It’s very important to see how he will respond with his shoulder and I think he looks to be nearly there. To have him back is great. The difference between training and competition is different. He is very fit but after that you have to get used to tackles and go into the challenges. You have to use your arms and shoulders to resist.”

Good to hear he is nearly there. I sure can’t wait to see him back! We all have missed him a lot. Hope he makes an Eduardo-like return (except for the hamstring injury he suffered soon after !)!

Moving from Arsenal’s main players to Manchester United’s main player, Wenger said:

“Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection and sometimes they don’t get enough and Ronaldo is a specific example of that. Sometimes his arrogance is provocative – and his class as well. But when a player is not protected it’s not right. When there is a bad tackle you have to be punished and get sent off the pitch.”

Arshavin not fully fit to start playing already

Arshavin not fully fit to start playing already

Andrei Arshavin has obtained his work permit, soon after joining Arsenal from Zenit St. Petersburg for a reported 12m pounds. The Russian had flown to St. Petersburg to get his work permit and has now returned to London with the work permit.

The Russian may have obtained the work permit but it might be a few weeks before he makes is debut for the club considering he has not played any competitive football since November. And more recently he decided not to play in Zenit’s three pre-season friendlies. So one should not expect him to get match fit with the few days of training he has had with Arsenal since joining and a few training sessions with Zenit before joining. He may need a couple of weeks before he starts playing regularly for Arsenal but as for his debut, we might see a late substitute appearance in the North London derby tomorrow or maybe wait another week.
Arsene Wenger has also signaled not to expect Arshavin to start playing immediately:

“I believe he is talented, intelligent and motivated. When you have these things together, you always have a chance to make an impact.

“We are not in a hurry with him. You have to give him time. He is not fit at the moment because he has had only ten days preparation after a long break.”

Apart form that Wenger addressed the North London derby and terms it a very important game for both clubs so both will be under pressure to win:

“This game is important because Tottenham want to get out of the relegation zone and we want to get closer to the top four. There is a bit more pressure on both teams.”

by Zain Shahid


Arshavin - Ready to run to Arsenal!:P

Sky Sports have claimed that Arsenal have secured a work permit for Andrei Arshavin with the Russian star almost inevitable to join Arsenal. However, Arsene Wenger has entirely denied the news, saying that not only have they not secured the work permit but that they haven’t even applied for it yet.

“We have not applied for a work permit yet for anybody. Not for Arshavin and not for anybody else.”

But that does in any way mean the deal is down, Negotiations still continue and Wenger remains confident. But Zenit and Arshavin will have to accept stubborn Wenger’s terms for the transfer to take place. The Arsenal manager stated:

“Close does not have a lot of meaning. It doesn’t matter how close you are, what matters is that you agree. At the moment we have no agreement with Zenit about a transfer. We are always confident, we try our best and respect our budget and if we can find an agreement we do it. We will not overspend what we have planned to do. When you go for a player it is because you want him. That is part of the decision. After that part of the negotiation is finding an agreement. “

No new news there.

Wenger - Not too pleased...

Wenger - Not too pleased...

And its not only us Gooners who are sick of January tranfer window, Wenger is also sick of it! The Frenchman has always been vocal of his criticism of the timing of the January and has previously suggested that either the transfer window be open all year or just in summer. Having a transfer window makes no sense and all it does is unsettle players. Arsene has once again come out, possibly getting sick of the Arshavin saga now, and lashed out at the pointless transfer window:

“I do not like the January window. It seems to be more about players who might come in other than the ones you already have. It is not a great help. Some players are cup tied and cannot play certain competitions. If a player moves to another Premier League club, then why should he not be cup-tied in the Premier League [like he would be in Europe]? The logic [with the transfer window] is not right. It should be cut completely or be able to run freely throughout the season.”

Wenger is one of a host of managers who are against the January transfer window which is why the FA might also discuss the topic and make a decision on it.

by Zain Shahid

Arshavin - Chances of him signing for Arsenal resurface yet again...

Arshavin - Chances of him signing for Arsenal resurface yet again...

Arsene Wenger has once again hinted at a possible arrival of Andrei Arshavin at Arsenal this January. As Arshavin has already played Champions League this season with Zenit, hence, according to the rules, he is not eligible to play in the Champions League for another club in the same season. The Arsenal boss explained:

“I feel that if we do add somebody, we add somebody who has a special class. And I would like to think longer term than just whether that player is eligible for the Champions League this season.”

Talking of special class, Arshavin is the guy! Despite the fact that Arsenal’s chairman Peter Hill-Wood has played down chances of Arsenal to spend big this January, Wenger’s comments in my view refer to none but the Russian playmaker. Both the comditions he mentioned are fulfilled by Arshavin so once again I see hope of him signing for Arsenal. Maybe he is giving hints at his possible transfer which might take a couple of weeks to complete so that Arsenal fans don’t get frustrated. Lets hope for the best!

Arshavin - Conflicting statements from his agent and Wenger

Arshavin - Conflicting statements from his agent and Wenger

Arsene Wenger has come out to address the transfer speculation surrounding Everton’s Mikel Arteta and Zenit’s Andrei Arshavin. The Arsenal manager said:

“Mikel Arteta is a very good player but we have not made any enquiry about him at all. There is no progress on [Andrei] Arshavin. If there is any progress made you will be informed, I promise you.”

He said no move has been made for Arteta but that there is ‘no progress on Arshvain’. So certainly a move has been made for him. And Arsene said a few days back that he cannot take names of the players he is negotiating with because that ends a 50% chance of signing him. So is it the reason why Wenger is saying no progress has been made on Arshavin so maybe he is hiding it to avoid ending that 50% chance of signing him because if there was no progress then Arshavin’s agent would never have come out and made the statement saying everyone would love to see Arshavin at Arsenal but wait a few days for it. Apart from that he also denied any truth in the rumour that Arsenal are looking for Shay Given. I always thought so because I never expected Arsene to be looking for a goalkeeper which is why I did not mention this rumour in my blog.

Arteta - Wenger not interested in him

Arteta - Wenger not interested in him

Wenger also addressed the issue of the credit crunch saying Arsenal have the best chance of surviving in it. And he also committed himself to the club in the wake of rumors linking him with a move to Real Madrid. He said:

“How many clubs have managed to build a new stadium, have a good financial situation and continue to play at the

top? Chelsea haven’t built a stadium and they lose £100m per year, how do you imagine you can deal with that at Arsenal without going bankrupt? We have to be responsible. The other clubs, except for Man United, lose money. This team is together getting stronger and stronger but what we need to focus on is continually developing and not live in dreamland where we are linked with players of £30 to £40 million because that’s not realistic. It is not that we don’t want to spend. We have gone for a policy that is to develop our young players and we have to show some character and strength and not listen to everybody who comes out everyday with a new name. The players who have made a massive impact here are not always the ones who have cost £30 or £40m. I can cite you players in the last 10 or 15 years who have cost £30m and have been a flop. It is not necessarily linked that you spend £30m and get a massive player. I believe I have shown my commitment to this club. I accepted when we built the new stadium to stay and to commit my long-term future to the club under restrictions. I don’t think anyone can doubt my commitment here and question my decisions and I accept that, but not my commitment.”

Well Arshavin is not for £30m or £40m! I just can’t accept any news that contradict the chances of Arshavin coming to Arsenal! Apart from that I am not an economist so I really can’t comment on the other stuff he is saying except that it seems the financial situation of Arsenal is perfectly fine.

by Zain Shahid

Arsene Wenger has once again insisted that Arsenal are on the right track and with just a ‘slight’ improvement they can go on and win big this season.  “I’m convinced that we are on the right track. We are not missing 10 per cent, we are missing one or two per cent. We can get that one or two per cent easily and then we can dominate the league”, he said “I’m disappointed that the team is not getting the praise or the respect it deserves at the moment, but we have to keep going.” He continued “We will keep going with this spirit and we will turn people around. Getting that final per cent or two is down to being a bit more relaxed and composed when the situation calls for it. My hopes and aims for 2009 are to support this team. I believe strongly in this team and if they get the support I think they will be rewarded in 2009 because they deserve it.” He then said “They have talent and I’m sure they will be rewarded.”

Wenger - He will never lose hope...

Wenger - He will never lose hope...

I think Wenger should be awarded the most over-optimistic person award for 2008! They are not doing well, just admit it… I don’t see just one or two percent missing. There’s quite a difference between them and the other top teams right now. Talent is not the only thing necessary for winning and I have no idea why Wenger doesn’t understand that. Experience is very vital. Arsenal’s inconsistency this season has been more or less due to lack of experience. Now with Fabregas out for 4 months there isn’t much to be optimistic about for the Arsenal fans.

But then Arsene knows best! Hope he is right!