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Wilshere trusts Wenger

Wilshere trusts Wenger

Wilshere has immense talent is a huge prospect for the future but Wenger hasn’t been trying him out in the Premier League which leaves the youngster frustrated, though he is confident Wenger knows exactly what he is doing. The young Englishman said:

“Theo is what I want to be like.

“When he first came here people were talking a lot about him. He kept his head down though and now he is established in the first team. He is a good example for me.

“It’s frustrating not to be playing, because when you see the games you really want to be out there with them, but I trust the boss – he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“He tells me I’m getting closer and closer.

“It’s been my most successful season, but probably my most frustrating as well. It’s frustrating that I haven’t played as much as I usually do, but there have been lots of highlights too.

“People outside used to talk about English players not getting a chance at Arsenal, but when you look at the other young players in the team and think if they are there, why can’t I be?

“My confidence has gone up and I’ve increased my mental strengths particularly since being in the first team.

“Next season I want to have a good pre-season again, then hopefully get some more games, and come off the bench more. Basically to just be more involved in the first team.”

Maybe he will get more chances next season but most probably that would just be limited to the FA Cup and Carling Cup mostly. We might not be able to see the best of Wilshere till at least two years later. But no doubt he has a bright future ahead of him. He is a big asset for Arsenal.

van Persie - Annoyed

van Persie - Annoyed

Arsenal’s main striker is frustrated with Arsenal’s recent results and the lack of goals. The Dutchman fears Arsenal may be out of the Champions League next year if they don’t get back to scoring ways. The Dutchman after the draw against North London rivals moaned:

“In the last three Premier League games we have had three draws and that is just not good enough. It is six points missing – if we had those six points but this is if, if, if. It’s not really working. What can I say? Sometimes it’s me to blame or a player to blame. Sometimes we are unlucky. We are still creating the chances. Even with 10 men we had a few chances. I am not really worried because we are still creating. If you look at the chances they had and we had, I think we can be happy.”

Well, if we had those six points we would have been  a point above Chelsea and in the top four. But it’s no use crying over spilt milk. 5 points behind Chelsea and 13 matches still to go, so there is a chance of still somehow ending up in the top 4 but its only a slight chance. Its now or never. This season has effectively turned into a battle for 4th place than for the title and Arsenal need to improve, improve dramatically if they are to stay in Champions League.

Arshavin - Hleb expects him to have a great time at Arsenal

Arshavin - Hleb expects him to have a great time at Arsenal

Alexander Hleb has tipped Andrei Arshavin to shine at Arsenal. The Belarus midfielder himself is one of the most creative midfielders around but has failed to do at Barcelona what he is capable of. The void left by Hleb’s departure in the Arsenal side was filled by Nasri but with injuries to Fabregas and Walcott, Arsenal are looking very unimpressive as of late. However, with Arshavin coming in, the lack of creativity of Arsenal lately may be a thing of the past very soon. Arshavin is quicker than Hleb, can provide killer passes, has brilliant technical skill and is not at all shot shy so he can score great goals (unlike Hleb). Hleb is surely missing his time at Arsenal as first team opportunities at Barcelona have been very limited for him so the playmaker has it seems been following Arsenal and we have seen him commenting about Arsenal before. Now the former Arsenal man has tipped Arshavin to stardom at Arsenal:

“I’m sure he will be a success at Arsenal because I know what you can do when the coach trusts you. I know Andrei well and also the style of the team, which makes me believe that he will enjoy his time at Arsenal.”

Hope he is right.

Fabregas and Hleb - Old friends reunite

Fabregas and Hleb - Old friends reunite

Meanwhile injured Arsenal captain Fabregas is enjoying in Barcelona while he recovers from his injury and had a chance to meet his old pal Hleb. The duo were best friends during Hleb’s time at Arsenal. The two friends spent a night out last Wednesday and watched Arsenal’s dramatic draw with Everton together.

“I watched the Everton game on Wednesday night with Alex Hleb in Barcelona. It wasn’t being shown on general television in Spain, but eventually managed to find a place where it was on, but it was a very strange place! It was nice to watch it with Alex, and I was very pleased for the team that they got the equaliser.”

So Fabregas sure must be having a good time there. To meet up with old freinds is always a great pleasure. But on Fabregas’s part, the fact that he, staying in Barcelona, has stayed away from Camp Nou is a very positive step. He is a very committed Arsenal player and I sure am proud he is our captain.

Burnley celebrate the opening goal

Burnley celebrate the opening goal

Giant killers Burnley have claimed yet another Premier League scalp in West Brom. The FA Cup replay saw the Championship side thrash Tony Mowbray’s side 3-1 at Turf Moor. This means if Arsenal truimph against Cardiff at the Emirates on 16th of February, they will once again play Burnley, who knocked the young guns of Arsenal out of the League Cup. Burnley have already defeated Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham and now West Brom.


"Now my only worry is that I recover as soon as possible"

Apart from that Fabregas says he wont go anywhere near Nou Camp. The Spaniard said:

“I’d have liked to have gone to watch Barcelona at the Nou Camp, but I wanted to avoid all the speculation about my future. Now my only worry is that I recover as soon as possible to return to Arsenal and help my team.”

No surprises there. Once again the Arsenal captain wastes no time in addressing speculations regarding his future. Hope he returns earlier than expected. He has the will and I am sure he can do it. Arsenal need him back big time!

Arshavin - Can't wait to start playing!

Arshavin - Can't wait to start playing!

Meanwhile Andrei Arshavin had a session with the fans. The new Arsenal player looked very excited and claimed that he has been a Gooner for quite some time now. He says he joined Arsenal because he likes he club’s style, Arsene Wenger and a few players. The forward is already looking to spur Arsenal’s silverware ambitions.  The Russian said:

“Arsenal’s aim is to win the Premier League title and be European champions. That is always the target for this club, so everybody knows that.

“I have already had a training session, and I am pleased with how I have been welcomed. Everyone has been very hospitable.

“I’m yet to train at the stadium but I’ve trained at the training ground and I was happy with how they took to me. Everything was very good, everyone was welcoming, asking me what I needed and things.

“We trained for an hour and a quarter, in the gym and then on the pitch. I got a positive impression from my new team mates. They believe in me.”

“Arsenal play very fast and attacking football that I really like, and there are many creative players.

“Wenger is a great man, and I never thought I would be able to play in his team.

“Here in London, I have had three or four interviews in English. It is clear that I am unlikely to speak without making errors, but it seems to me that I am being understood. In any case, I have only had to resort to using an interpreter a few times in these interviews. Naturally, I will improve.

“Naturally there are problems with English because I don’t know the language very well and can just chat about basic every day things.

“And today I was sitting in the changing room and it was all French – now that’s a language I have a lot of problems with*laughs*! But I hope we will get over the language barrier and everything else very quickly.”

Looking quite confident and happy from the start! As always the players have made a new player feel at home and that is very vital for one to settle at a new club. It’s good to see he has already had interviews in English. Learning the language will be vital for him to settle in quickly. He seems really confident and hopeful. That’s really good.

by Zain Shahid

Vela - Sheer Class!

Vela - Sheer Class!

Carlos Vela is hopeful he can have more first team opportunities in the coming months. The young Mexican said that his loan spells in La Liga did a lot good to him and have made him a much better player. Credit to Wenger for that. The Arsenal manager has now complimented the youngster’s abilities which has made him full of confidence. He said:

“Of course it’s very important that the manager says these things – it gives you confidence. But I’m still only 19, so I have to keep taking things on board. Hopefully, if I carry on learning, I’ll make it. The Premier League is teaching me a lot. Certainly, in my opinion, it is the best league in the world and definitely the quickest. So to push on it’s simple – I just need to keep working, working, working until the manager decides that I merit a starting place.”

I certainly hope Vela gets to play more often because in my view he has immense talent and I would like to see him start a few Premier League matches too. Hope the guy turns out to be an Henry!

van Persie - Hopeful the drought will end this season...

van Persie - Hopeful the drought will end this season...

Robin van Persie is also full of confidence after his brilliant performance as captain and believes Arsenal’s best chance of any silverware this season is the FA Cup. The Dutch forward is determined to end the trophy drought and has high hopes from the FA Cup. Arsenal’s star striker grabbed a brace against Plymouth on Sunday to spur the Gunners into the 4th round where they have been drawn to face Ramsey’s former club Cardiff away from home. van Persie said:

I didn’t imagine it would take so long to win another trophy. When I arrived at Arsenal they were winning trophies for fun. They were champions when I arrived and in my first season I won the FA Cup. I was expecting that to carry on but it hasn’t really happened like that. But it’s not a reason for me to give up, it’s a bigger challenge to do it this time. We need to win a trophy as soon as possible. We’ve been very unlucky with injuries so we want to do something for the club and the fans.

I hope his dream of winning at the Wembley in May comes true. He will, I expect, be the captain this season in the FA Cup so with his determination and commitment I can see Arsenal have quite a chance as long as his teammates support him really well.