It has been no secret that Cesc Fabregas wishes to one day return to his hometown and boyhood club Barcelona. When exactly that wish comes true is anybody’s guess. It nearly did, though, this summer. The Arsenal captain requested that he be allowed to leave but the request was respectfully turned down by Arsene Wenger. That did not stop Barcelona to continuously make approaches for the midfield maestro only to be given the cold shoulder by Arsene Wenger.

Now the Arsenal number 4 has moved on. Wenger said he expects him to stay at Arsenal a lot further than just this season and today Fabregas just explained why that could be true:

“I have strong feelings for Barcelona and they will always be in my head. I try to watch their games most weekends. But my first priority now is Arsenal because I am a professional.

“What happened in the summer didn’t damage my reputation at the club or my friendships or relationships there.

“Many of my team-mates are also friends and they know my true feelings.

“It will be spectacular to repeat the Champions League final of 2006 in a stadium like Wembley. And of course to defeat Barca.

“I’ve never had a problem with the coach. He knows how passionate I am and that I will always give my maximum for Arsenal. I dream of winning the title with Arsenal. I never hid my intentions in the summer. I wanted to play for Barcelona but it wasn’t possible and that’s finished.

“Now I will always give my best for Arsenal. They are such a special part of my life and I want to be successful here. I will always be grateful to Arsenal.”

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