Same old, same old. Once again Arsenal dominated for majority of the match, yet they couldn’t get even a point.

So why today? Looking at the goals we conceded one could say it was just not our day. Goals like that aren’t scored everyday; but sadly for us Chelsea got two of them today. Both were unstoppable and it didn’t seem right to point a finger at anyone for making a mistake on either of them. But it doesn’t excuse the poor defending we witness today. We looked vulnerable on every single counter attack. Squillaci was exposed badly. We all liked him for his initial performances but today, in his first real test in an Arsenal shirt, he looked out of sorts. Lacking both the pace and power to deal with the seemingly uncontrollable threat of Didier Drogba. He did make a few good tackles but it doesn’t mean his mistakes should be overlooked. We were fortunate to get away with them today but it may not be the case any other day. The stand-in captain looked under pressure whenever a long ball was sent towards him. And he seemed helpless against pace. I know we shouldn’t be reading too much from just one performances but from what we saw today – simply not good enough against top class opposition. Koscielny looked shaky as well on a few occasions but he had a decent game overall. Though he was at fault for being beaten too easily by Anelka which forced him to give away the free kick that led to Chelsea’s second goal.

Ok so poor defending, but we got away with it. Bad luck – we didn’t get away with it. Another point to ponder was our inability to score a goal. We dominated all match. Had the lion’s share of possession. But what for? We just could not score. Fabregas’s creativity and decisiveness was badly missed in my opinion. I have absolutely no idea what Diaby adds to the team other than his physical strength. He’s wasteful. He gives away cheap free kicks. He just doesn’t have the quality you would want in an Arsenal first teamer. The difference was immediately seen when Rosicky was introduced.

Song really is starting to get the stick from some fans and rightly so. He’s giving way too many cheap free kicks away. He needs to work a lot on his tackling. And his passing as well. Too many of his passes go astray. He also needs to know his role. He is a holding midfielder so its just not right for him to spend majority of the match in the opposition’s half making, or at least trying to make bursting runs forward. He really needs a reality check. It’s too bad Frimpong got injured because it allows Song’s poor performances to go unpunished as there is no real replacement for him. You might say Denilson is but he’s not exactly a typical holding midfielder. But, honestly, I would rather give him a go next weekend ahead of Song. A little spell on the bench might help knock some sense into the Cameroonian.

Chamakh is fast turning into a fan favorite. He has a good leap, he links pretty well with the midfield, presses a lot, knows how to head the ball. Oh and he clearly knows how to win penalties! But one thing we haven’t seen in him is the final touch you expect from a striker. On a lot of occasions already this season we have seen him take too long to take a shot away when he has the chance to and other similar mistakes to waste goal scoring opportunities. Taking nothing away from his other qualities, he needs to improve his sharpness in the final third on the ground. In the air he’s great. On the ground, not so much.

Just 7 games into the season and we’re already trailing the leaders by 7 points. Its sad. It really is. Seems like once again we will be chasing for most of the season. Lets just hope we end up winning the race because we all know we can. There were a lot of positives from today as well so despite what it may seem from the reasons mentioned above, its not all doom and gloom. Our full backs were excellent both defensively and offensively. Fabianski had a great – and it has to mentioned, error free – game today. Made plenty of decent saves and wasn’t exactly at fault for either of the two goals. Nasri was outstanding. So was Wilshere. No surprises there. Arshavin… Well he was good. He had a good game in my opinion. Ok he still needs to track back a lot more but on the attacking front he was quite good.

Lets not forget we were without Fabregas, van Persie, Walcott and Vermaelen today and things will only get better when they return. Still a long, long way to go till the end of the season. We’re still in it for all 4 trophies! Hope for the best