Firstly, Arsene Knows Best is back! I’ll try to keep up the standard that this site was renowned for but I still might not be updating daily.

I’ll start off with a poll of the quandary that Arsene Wenger is in these days. Who should be the number one. Wenger is a mystery man so you can’t guess what is going through his mind. But who do the fans want as number one? The experience of Almunia or the talent of Mannone? Fabianski unfortunately is out injured again for three weeks so he is not an option right now. Personally I would prefer Almunia. Ok he’s not the world class keeper we should have but he’s the best we have right now. Mannone is really talented but experience is extremely vital in keepers and he doesn’t have much of it. He might put in a few really good performances but his inexperience can cost us matches. What is your opinion? Vote and let us know why in the comments section.