Walcott_Theo1Young Englishman Theo Walcott thinks it’s about time Arsenal start playing dirty to win some trophies.

Arsenal, renowned for their beautiful football, have not been able to win a single trophy since the FA Cup in 2005 and many critics have pointed to their style of football as one of the reasons for it. Now Walcott also shares the same opinion as them and feels they will have to play dirty now and grind out wins from difficult situations to help win some trophies:

“It’s a big season for me and the rest of the team.

“The fans have been very patient for the last few years when there have not been many trophies.

“We’re not quite there yet. We need to be more cutting in the last third and a bit more dirty.

“Instead of just playing brilliant football, sometimes we need to grind out a result. We will do that. 

“We need to reflect and learn from our mistakes from last year.”

wilshere goalWalcott is the player who surprisingly made it to England’s World Cup squad in 2006 at a very young age and he had not even played a single game for Arsenal at that time. Now fellow Englishman, Arsenal’s 17 year old Jack Wilshere could soon be following in his footsteps and make it to the squad for the 2010 World Cup. However it all depends on whether he gets to play enough matches for Arsenal and impresses in them according to England manager Fabio Capello:

“In nine months’ time we will decide whether Wilshere will go to South Africa.

“A lot depends on whether Arsene Wenger plays him at Arsenal. He surprised me at the Emirates Cup. I saw him twice last season and he has improved a lot.

“He has a big personality, he scores goals, he plays without fear and he has big confidence.

“His team-mates always pass the ball to him. That is not normal for a player so young.”

It is England, and now that Wilshere has impressed so much already, the fans have extremely high hopes from him. Lets hope he lives up to those expectations. So far he has shown that he is not a player who can succumb to pressure so that is a vital quality of his which can help him survive in the world of football despite the huge expectations.