Viera - Could he be coming back home?

Viera - Could he be coming back home?

Tottenham Hotspurs boss Harry Redknapp has been trying to earn the wrath of Arsenal fans by attempting to lure Arsenal legend Patrick Viera to Spurs. But since the reported entry of Arsene Wenger into the chase, Viera is most likely to have a reunion with his old boss. And Harry Redknapp feels the same; that if Arsenal are in it then surely Viera would opt for them:

“It’s surprising but I had heard nothing about it,”

“I’m sure he’ll be a good signing for whoever gets him.

“He belonged to Arsenal. He was fantastic there so if an opportunity to go back came along, I’m sure he would take it.”

If the Frenchman does return, Arsenal will again have a player of the “Invincibles”. The last of those remaining at Arsenal, Kolo Toure, left for Manchester City yesterday.