ade-manutd13042008_4Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is yet another guy not pleased with Emmanuel Adebayor’s move to Manchester City. Though the Togolese international has said he left to win trophies (at a mid-table club) but everyone is aware the move was based solely on greed. Sir Alex said:

“He was desperate to get to Chelsea and he was desperate to get to us. You ask why is he going to City and it can only be for one reason.”

Clearly the United boss is annoyed at the riches of Man City which first prised away Tevez from his team and then Adebayor from Arsenal. It is an unfair to make the team better using artificial resources.

Meanwhile Robinho made some very funny comments about how Manchester City will soon be as big as Real Madrid. Though it’s not exactly Arsenal news so it shouldn’t be mentioned here but still it’s too hilarious not to be ignored. And besides City are our “title rivals” now! Amazing! Here is what Robinho had to say:

“I can help Manchester City become as big as Real Madrid. It might sound ambitious but that is the intention of the club.

“We are going to try to be Premier League champions this year. If not, the top four certainly. In five years, Manchester City will be very strong, a big name in European football like Real Madrid and Barcelona. I will be in Manchester for five years to help it happen. Even if it rains, it is not a problem for me.

“This club has an aim to become massive. It is a big project, I have been here at the start and I want to grow with the team. I want to be part of it.

“We have good players already and more will follow. Kaka is one of my best friends and I thought he might join us too. But these type of players will come. Once we are in the Champions League, we will be attractive to any player. The three I would buy are Messi, Gerrard and Deco.”

All I can say is: Sweet dreams Robinho!