ud-almeria-felipe-melo--253x190Fiorentina’s holding midfielder had nearly signed for Juventus as the latter’s president claimed once a few terms will be defined, Melo will then be officially unveiled as a Juventus player.

However those few terms have proved to be the downfall of this move. The deal was actually supposed to be a swap deal involving Melo and Marco Marchionni. Melo’s part of the deal had been agreed upon by both parties but the high wage demands of Marchionni has led to ending of negotiations between the two clubs as Fiorentina were not willing to pay the high wages. Here is what Marchionni’s agent Bruno Carpeggiani had to say:

“Unfortunately, nothing will be done.

“We only asked for €200,000 (£173,000) more than the amount Marco earns at Juventus, but Fiorentina wouldn’t agree. It’s a pity.”

So yet again Arsenal’s chances of capturing Melo rise from the ashes!