Arshavin with his ex-agent Dennis Lachter

Arshavin with his ex-agent Dennis Lachter

Arshavin a few days back sacked his agent Dennis Lachter. For those who are still not sure whether the sacking has actually taken place or not need not have any second thoughts about it as it was mentioned on Arshavin’s official site that Arshavin is ending cooperation with his agent Dennis Lachter and will from now on be representing himself.

So probably to get back to Arshavin, the agent has tried to cause unrest in the Arsenal dressing room by urging Barcelona to bid for his former client, and he said that giving the impression he is talking on Arshavin’s behalf. Here is what he said:

“Before anything else, Barcelona should make a formal offer.

“Then we can sit down and speak.”

What does he mean we can sit down and speak?! He is NOT the agent of Arshavin anymore so what is he trying to do?! It seems to me he is trying to get revenge from Arshavin over his sacking. So it’s quite obvious now a fight or something took place between the two before Arshavin decided to part ways with Dennis.