Felipe-Melo-001Arsenal target Felipe Melo signed a contract with Fiorentina a few days back but his future at the club still remains a doubt as Arsenal are negotiating with Fiorentina to capture the Brazilian International.

Melo points out that he is very happy at Fiorentina. However, in the wake of the official statement confirming negotiations with Arsenal are taking place, he said if the club decides to sell him then he himself has no idea where he will end up:

“My intention is to return to Florence the moment my summer holiday is over.

“I had been promised that if I had a good season my contract would be renewed. Fiorentina kept their word and this made me both happy and proud.

“I am very happy in Florence, it’s pleasing that people stop me in the street and ask me not to leave.

“I can say that only God knows what my future holds if the club decides to sell me elsewhere.”