KarimBenzemaOLAs expected it has been made public that Arsenal have not contacted Lyon to inquire about Karim Benzema. And surprisingly Manchester United and Real Madrid have also not made any offer yet according to  Lyon director of communications, Olivier Blanc:

“We have not received any official offer for Karim, either from Madrid, Manchester or Arsenal.”

It’s not a surprise really. Benzema will not join Arsenal and there is no question about it. Firstly he is too expensive for Arsenal. Secondly we don’t need a striker and Wenger made that very clear at the start of the summer.

Even though I would love him in an Arsenal shirt but that is just wishful thinking. We would love Messi playing for Arsenal as well so really it’s just wishful thinking. Every fan would love to have a player of Benzema’s quality in the team but you have to think realistically as well.

Ok he is French, ok he could be Adebayor’s replacement but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. NOTW just came up with a new idea for greater sales which has got a lot of fans thinking could he possibly come. Well the answer, in my opinion, is no he won’t.