A lot of Arsenal legends seem discontented. Now there is another addition to that list, the double-winning captain Frank Mclintock.

McLintock feels that a major reason for Arsenal’s lack of silverware is the lack of money available because of the cost of Emirates Stadium.

“Arsenal have a problem with buying Emirates Stadium and I don’t think the money is there. Maybe the players are starting to recognize that as well. If there is anything positive which comes out of this, which I don’t think there will be, at least they would get around £40m for Fabregas which would allow them to buy other players.

“But you cannot compete with the other top four if you are always bringing through the young players and then having to replace them. You are having to start up again.

“Unless there is a change with regards to the amount of money they spend on players, Arsenal are falling behind other clubs at the moment.

“Buying the new stadium is brilliant but it is making us have to go back quite a bit.”

The legend went on to add that Fabregas considering his future at the club is understandable.

“I have been thinking that this could happen. I was concerned at the lack of money available to Arsene Wenger and started to think if Fabregas would look elsewhere.

“The squad certainly needs to be strengthened and I am not surprised that Fabregas has said that. It’s only natural for a player who hasn’t won the Champions League and is not winning the championship.

“If that’s not coming and there are signs that there is not a lot of money around, then he might start talking to somebody else.

These aren’t any surprising comments from Frank. This is the same man who said Walcott is useless. Then last year he said this is the worst Arsenal side in 12 years.

And Fabregas has said time and again that his future is with Arsenal so what’s the use of saying all this.