wengerArsene Wenger revealed the top 5 teams he thinks are genuine contenders for next year’s FIFA World Cup.

“Team number one to watch, Spain because of their superiority in the European Championships. They can transfer that into the World Cup. That is something which can be very interesting. If you look at the moment, they are the most dominant team in Europe.

Team number two to watch, because they are a team to watch in every World Cup, Brazil.

Team number three would be Argentina because they have a very good young generation.

Team number four to watch, because the expectation has always been very high, England. Because I work in England as well. I am keen to watch the Gerrards, Lampards, Ferdinands because they have the quality to deliver in big tournaments.

And team number five is of course France because I am French *laughs*. And because they also have a very good young generation. But maybe this World Cup comes too early for them.”