Cesc- SpainRussiaCesc Fabregas is part of arguably the best squad in the world at the moment and he will soon be playing for them in the Confederations Cup.

And Arsenal fans would fear burnout but Fabregas isn’t even thinking about it. The Arsenal skipper said:

“It is a pleasure to be involved.

“With Spain we are going through a moment which is historic, and have not lost a match in something like 30, which is unbelievable.

“Now, when you see Spain play, even if they are losing you are not worried because you know they will come back.”

How much Fabregas will be involved in this tournament, only time will tell. He has had quite a few starts lately but in a big tournament one would expect Xavi and Iniesta starting ahead of him.

But we can be confident about one thing. As long as he is not injured we shouldn’t really fear burnout. He played two and a half seasons and then got a real injury. He certainly is a tough lad.