Q: You know, there is a phrase: “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life” – do you agree with it? And what’s your favorite place in London (well, not counting the base of Arsenal, of course)?

Arshavin: I think I can answer this question at the end of the year. Of course,
I have been sightseeing, trying to
immerse myself in the history of England.
Favorite place? That is our house at Hampstead.

Q: I have 2 questions for you Andrei:
Which English team do you not like and why, or which you think is harder to play against?
For example, I do not like Chelsea.

Arshavin: It’s not something that is liked. It was just bad play by Fulham, a very disciplined team, a lot of people behind the ball, and unpleasant.

Q: Andrew, how did you learn English so quickly? =)

Arshavin: Basically, I have not yet learned. The knowledge that I get
each day allows me to feel more comfortable.

Q: Who chose your house? =)))

Arshavin: To a greater extent – Julia.

Q: Have you traveled to Moscow? There are trams with your pictures on them! And it is written on them: “A huge success without fanfare “. Did you know ?

Arshavin: Yes, I know. It was agreed with me.

Q: How would you have felt had Arsenal won the Champions League this year?

Arshavin: I would have been delighted for Arsenal. But on the other hand I would have been disappointed that I could not play.

Q: Andrew please tell me what should I do. Go to an expensive school, or play football which I cannot live without? I do not go to school currently, but at Trenerovki I simply must go, I just don’t want to go on Trenerovku!
Please answer!

You should not leave school in any case. No one knows whether you will be successful in your football life. And education is  very useful.