cana21Arsenal fans might be hoping Lorik Cana is bought but the Marseille holding midfielder has pledged his future to his current club. The Albanian international said:

“I love this club so much that I want to reach the heights with it and to make them champions. We have to fight to the end. We will have to fight for the title each year now that the club has stepped up a level.”

That is the case now. The French season isn’t over yet. Cana might win his first Ligue 1 title with Marseille, and that too as their captain. After that, if Wenger is actually interested in him, I am sure he will reconsider his future.

Talking a bit off topic now. I came accross a very surprising fact regarding Cana. In his four seasons at Marseille he has only been sent off once! Just once! Having a look at the videos of him, it is quite astonishing to know he has only got the red once. But then I guess the referees in Ligue 1 are very lenient compared to those of the Premier League.