Andrew, what a nice conclusion of the season. Will you tell us about the game?
And why not? Today we had a good, decent game. As always, filled with “Emirates” waiting for us in the last match of the season a lot of heads at the gate “Stoke City”. I think that the goals Arsenal fans pleased. We got almost everything right, we played for fun ….
When the scoreline was 3-0, their goalkeeper asked to be taken off. Perhaps he picked up an injury. Injuries are always a bad thing. Today his departure from the field probably saved him from more serious moral emotions.
During the second half we continued to escalate.  We constantly kept the ball but could not make it to the last goal, but it was not so important, the team enjoyed the game, and the result allowed us to do so.

Andrei Arshavin enjoyed playing together with partners. A few striking episodes in your performance forced the stadium a few times for a standing applause and to chant your name. Did you hear it?
No, it is difficult to understand. Andrei Arshavin merges with Arsenal.

What moment in the game you like most?
My blow “through itself”. If I had scored that goal, it would have been a beautiful end to my first season in London.

So the season completed.
The first part of my overseas career is over. I want to say that all was not bad for me. Apart from the fact that Arsenal could not fight for the League. I hope that next year will be much better for the team and for me.

Let us suppose that we in the school. What would your conditional instructor Andrey Sergeyevich teach his student Arshavinu for the first season in England?
Solid four… However, in the everyday plan at the beginning of my London life there were the problems. Now they are practically solved. I hope that at the beginning the new season it will be completely solved.

Off to a meeting in London?
Yes, today until August we bid farewell to the club mascot – a sweet Dinosaur, I personally shook his hand, and tomorrow we will be in St. Petersburg, a city in which I am bored. I am pleased that there is a lot of time that I spend in will spend im my native St. Petersburg now.
I want to say a big thanks to the management of Zenit and the chief coach. They gave me the opportunity to train together with a Zenit prior to the collection of the national team of Russia.