Alexander Hleb

Alexander Hleb

So Alexander Hleb is tired of just sitting on the bench week in week out that he decided to speak up and be hated even more.

The Belarus international and former Gunner feels Arsenal will lose players in the summer because of Arsene Wenger’s strict wage policy. That will make the job very difficult for Arsene (just like last year when he left to warm the bench at Barca).

“Arsenal have had a lot of problems this year. They have the same problem every year with players leaving. They have a great team, but at the end of the season players leave and the boss has to find a new team and buy new players. This is not easy.

“You know better than me why players leave. Finances are always an issue there, but you’d have to ask Arsenal and Arsène. A lot of the problem is to do with money. Players arrive at the club, have a good season and get a lot of better offers from other teams. A football life is short and, of course, you want to enjoy football, but together with this you need to earn money.”

So he thinks other Arsenal players will turn out be as greedy as he himself is, and Flamini as well. Adebayor yes. I doubt about the others.

And I just can’t get it why does he care to make such comments. As if they help to improve his popularity. Stupid lad.