In Arsene We Trust

Arsene Wenger is the best manager in Arsenal’s history and it is a shame some fans out there want him out despite all that he has done for the club.

But that group of fans is a minority. Most of the Gooners desperately want Arsene to stay and a march has been organized to convince him to stay in the wake of increasing rumours of interest from Real Madrid.

The march organized by a supporters group REDaction, will take place outside the Emirates before Arsenal’s last match of the Premier League against Stoke. It has been named a “march of solidarity” and hopefully it should tell Wenger how much he is loved by the fans, bar the minority.

An official statement on REDaction’s website stated:

“The consensus among fans is not only that he should stay but also that he’s one of the few managers in the football league that’s earned the right to walk away.”

It is nice to see people know how important Arsene Wenger is to Arsenal.