Arsenal ended a two match unbeaten run with an impressive performance at Old Trafford. It could easily have been a win had United not played with a back 10!

Following are the ratings of the Arsenal players for the match:

Fabianski – 7.5 – Arguably the best performance from the Pole this season. Flawless. He was confident when coming forward to intercept crosses and corners and courageously denied Tevez a golden opportunity.

Sagna – 7 – He is back in form now as he kept Rooney silent all match and was always present to support the attack.

Song – 8 – He was superb. Tackling, interceptions and distribution, everything brilliant.

Toure – 8 – As good as his partner.

Gibbs – 8 – I don’t remember Ronaldo getting past him even once during the match. And he didn’t commit any foul either. Terrific performance from the young lad yet again.

Nasri – 7.5 – He is a hard worker and the United defence sometimes had no answer to his skillful manouvres.

Denilson – 7.5 – A complete performance from the holding midfielder for the day. Kept it simple, didn’t try anything special and that helped him put up a decent performance.

Fabregas – 6.5 – The captain tried as hard as he could but nothing went his way. A bad day for him. I am surprised why does he not take the corners when Arshavin’s corners are quite poor compared to Fabregas’s.

Diaby – 6 – Nothing special from the young Frechman. But at least he didn’t give possession away as often as he usually does.

Arshavin – 6.5 – A poor performance by his standards! He was not as energetic as he usually is and that can be credited to the fact that he had not yet fully recovered from his illness.

van Persie – 7 – Worked his socks off in an unfamiliar role as the lone striker. But certainly that missed header was a golden opportunity that should have been taken.


Walcott – 5 – Hardly did anything notable.

Bendtner – 5.5 – A bit better than Walcott but still not as good as one would have expected.

Eboue – 5.5