Wenger Must Be Annoyed...

Wenger Must Be Annoyed...

Most of us want Adebayor to leave and we hate Eboue and Silvestre. So do the supporters and shareholders present at the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting. So they let their harsh opinions known to Wenger.

Silvestre was the first to be ridiculed being called geriatric. The guy sure is right. Silvestre is nothing but a liability to the team. But his choice of words is awful. He could have expressed his opinion in a more decent manner. Imagine if Silvestre finds this out, how would he feel? Absolutely devastated.

So Wenger did not like the comment one bit and blasted the “supporter”:

“I cannot accept what you say about our players. Are you a shareholder? I cannot accept that you speak about the players of your club like that. I don’t agree with the terms you use.”

Later on Eboue’s record of diving was greeted with a round of applause from the gathering and when the prospect of Emmanuel Adebayor leaving Arsenal in the summer came into discussion, loud cheers were heard.

One thing is for sure now. If Wenger didn’t know already, he now knows there are some hated players wanted out by the fans. The chances are quite bleak that he might give the comments any importance, but you never know what Arsene is going to do so lets hope for the best!