Wenger - Up for a busy summer

Wenger - Up for a busy summer

Ray Parlour has always been an Arsenal fan since retiring so of course, like us all, he too feels the need for a couple of new and experienced faces at Arsenal. The former Arsenal defender explained the need for for a better central midfielder to partner Fabregas and a strong, maybe two, centre halfs:

“I’m sure Arsene Wenger will look at it in the summer and bring a few more players in. We need a bit more experience.

“The youngsters are fantastic players but they just need that bit more experience in there. The centre of midfield is an area they have to improve.

“They never really replaced Flamini and need a gritty midfielder who can win the ball and run around everywhere. He hasn’t got that now and has too many players who are similar to each other with Denilson and Fabregas.

“I also think he needs a strong central defender at the back who is commanding with a little bit of experience.

“I’m sure Arsene Wenger looks at his squad and thinks they are going to get better next season. They will have more experience.”

Wenger meanwhile has denied he will look for a big name player. All that is needed is the right type of player:

“I don’t think the squad needs major investment.

“At the moment I don’t know what funds will be available. But I just believe we need to continue to improve.

“Of course we play in a strong league against top quality opponents so we need to improve in the areas that are right. That doesn’t mean quantity – and not even quantity of money – it’s just the right type of players.”

Whatever “right type of players” he buys, I hope they will be good enough to deserve to play at Arsenal and that they help Arsenal finally finally win a trophy!

One thing is for sure now, Wenger is resigned to the fact that this squad needs improvements so certainly we will be able to watch a few new players in the Arsenal kit next season. And as is being reported, Gary Cahill may be one of them (or maybe not considering the inflated 20m tag on him by Bolton).