Almunia wonders will there ever be glory days for this side...

Almunia wonders will there ever be glory days for this side...

The Arsenal players must be frustrated, much more than us fans, but they haven’t let it show. Almunia however could not resist and took out his frustration.

“The young players are internationals and have been playing for Arsenal for a long time. They have played many games. They should have the experience now.

“Everybody is concerned by what happened against United. We need to be criticised.

“We need to do some self-analysis because Arsenal is a big club and we are not here to lose.

“Four years without a trophy is a long time. It’s too much for the fans – they deserve something more from us. Every time a team is in a bad situation you need someone to find a big solution.

“I can’t tell you the solution.

“The boss is the one who understands this club the best. He is one of the best coaches in the country.

“But there are some teams out there who have more power, more strength and a better knowledge and understanding of the big games.

“Maybe it’s because these teams have more players with experience of playing in major finals and winning things. Maybe that’s the solution.”

So firstly he is annoyed why is this team not impoving. We are too. He hears after every season Wenger says next season will be big, this team will be a year older. But it’s just not happening so Almunia’s frustration is justified.

Then Almunia is trying to be the boss, which he isn’t so his “solution” wont be paid any attention to by Arsene.

Looking at Arsenal’s no 1s comments one can feel the atmosphere in the dressing room isn’t the best. Players are losing hope it seems.