Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Is Bendtner worth this confidence that Wenger has in him?

Arsene Wenger continues his stubborn attitude citing Abou Diaby and Nicklas Bendtner as reasons why he shouldn’t spend this summer.

“The priority is to stay with the squad we have. What am I supposed to do, kick out a quality young player like Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby or Bendtner who is already in his national team?”

Arsene, are you in your senses?! Diaby and Bendtner aren’t going to win you any trophies. They are only good enough to play in a mid table club. This is Arsenal we are talking about. Kick them out. We would all love it. He is right about Fabregas and Walcott, but Diaby and Bendnter! He has got to be kidding!

But the Arsenal manager also managed to make some comments that did make sense:

“I’m not chasing any player, I believe my priority is to stay with the squad we have. It is not all down to spending, it is down to sticking to a policy. Chelsea have spent magic money but still have not won the European Cup.

“We were in the last four in Europe and have not lost a game since November in the League. When you lose everybody gets hammered but to get where we were you need some quality. We have lost against a team who’s better than us. Nothing to be ashamed of, they are the best team in the world.

“We can go further. You cannot imagine that we work as we did with young players and give them a chance, then let them go.”

He has got that right. It is a big achievement to be among the best four teams of Europe with a squad as young as this. Whose midfield this season mostly didn’t have anyone older than 22 (Excluding Eboue, he is not worth mentioning!).

But the thing is we don’t want semi finals. We want silverware. The players want silverware. And we are not going to get that with this squad. Arsene, you’ve got to wake up.