Fabregas and Arsenal - A Married Couple!

Fabregas and Arsenal - A Married Couple!

The Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas like he always does reiterated his commitment to Arsenal. The lad has done it time and again whenever he is being linked with a move away from the Emirates. The young Spaniard said:

“My future belongs to Arsenal and I want to be at Arsenal. I do not have to tell anyone to be relaxed or more confident that I am staying.

“This club is very special. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They have treated me amazingly, all the fans, all the club in general. But now it’s up to me and the players to pay them back for these kind of things – to make finals and make everyone happy.”

Regarding the fans repeated wishes of buying big name players the captain added:

“It doesn’t mean that because one player cost £20m, he is better than one that cost £2 – I don’t agree with that at all,” said Fabregas. “It’s been shown with the likes of Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry. They are the best players in the world, have World Cups, European Championships and some players who have cost £20/£30m, they haven’t won anything.

“It doesn’t mean anything. We know what we can do, we know we are good and we just have to be positive and believe we can do it. I know the boss is the best. We just have to be united, the boss, the staff and the team all together.”

What else would one want from the best player of his team. The first two paragraphs there say it all. We are all proud to have him at Arsenal as our captain.

Adebayor - A changed man...

Adebayor - A changed man...

A few days later Adebayor did the same with quite an emotional speech of how it’s Arsenal who made him and he won’t leave the Gunners till he has helped them win trophies:

“Before signing, I can remember people telling me I had the chance to win things.

“Now I am empty-handed but I don’t have any reason for leaving until I have got trophies and what I came here for.

“Arsenal put me where I am today. They made me one of the biggest strikers in the world. I have to pay them back.

“How am I going to pay them back? Make them win trophies. That’s what I am here for and I have to fight for that. Next season, 100 per cent, I am an Arsenal footballer.

“I will do everything that it takes to come back next season and show how good I am, show character, personality and desire for this club. I have been doing my best, giving 100 per cent in every single game but don’t forget last season I played without injury. This time I got three injuries and that has made it quite difficult for me.

“But we have a good squad. We are learning things and are all young so we just want to achieve things. As soon as we have the chance to win the first trophy, I think many will follow.

“We just have to believe and keep going. We are very disappointed tonight for the fans and for the way they believed we could do it. We are very sorry for that.

“But it’s very important for the next season that we are here to play and ready to bring glory to this Club.”

van Persie - Undecided over his future

van Persie - Undecided over his future

Another one of our biggest players who is bound to be linked with big clubs in the summer has been silent over his future. van Persie. He had earlier in the season suggested he wants trophies and that he will have to consider his future if he feels he is not getting what he wants at Arsenal.

So the question is will he, in the coming days, follow his teammates and commit his future to Arsenal. Or does he think he is bigger than the club? What do you think?

One thing is for sure. If he goes to Barca he will warm the bench there just like Hleb.