Wilshere trusts Wenger

Wilshere trusts Wenger

Wilshere has immense talent is a huge prospect for the future but Wenger hasn’t been trying him out in the Premier League which leaves the youngster frustrated, though he is confident Wenger knows exactly what he is doing. The young Englishman said:

“Theo is what I want to be like.

“When he first came here people were talking a lot about him. He kept his head down though and now he is established in the first team. He is a good example for me.

“It’s frustrating not to be playing, because when you see the games you really want to be out there with them, but I trust the boss – he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“He tells me I’m getting closer and closer.

“It’s been my most successful season, but probably my most frustrating as well. It’s frustrating that I haven’t played as much as I usually do, but there have been lots of highlights too.

“People outside used to talk about English players not getting a chance at Arsenal, but when you look at the other young players in the team and think if they are there, why can’t I be?

“My confidence has gone up and I’ve increased my mental strengths particularly since being in the first team.

“Next season I want to have a good pre-season again, then hopefully get some more games, and come off the bench more. Basically to just be more involved in the first team.”

Maybe he will get more chances next season but most probably that would just be limited to the FA Cup and Carling Cup mostly. We might not be able to see the best of Wilshere till at least two years later. But no doubt he has a bright future ahead of him. He is a big asset for Arsenal.