4 goals anyone?! Obviously not. Arsenal out of the Champions League and it took just 11 minutes of the 2nd leg of the semi final.

Did anyone expect United to score 2 goals in 11 minutes? No one would have. Not even United fans. But it happened. Why? Because the defending was crap, the goal keeping was crap and the referee sucked.

Gibbs slipped for no reason to let Park score after 8 mins. Almunia could have done better. Then Ronaldo from a longgg range stunning free kick. Almunia made a poor, late attempt to stop it but in vain.

2 goals that could easily easily have been avoided and the game would have been completely different at half time.

Wenger must be mad. I wonder what message would he have for the team at half time. If I was Wenger I would have walked out of the stadium after the second goal! Actually not. But that’s how sad it is.

Now lets spend 45 mins praying may God let Arsenal score 4 and United score none. Best of luck!