4 goals against Liverpool are fine but Arshavin wants 5 against United!

The Russian has been heaped with praises after his phenomenal display at Anfield. But the little master refused to brag about it saying there are some days when everything flies on target. Whatever the reason be, he has done something that only Henry has before been able to do. So it was no surprise as Arsenal players were all over him! The Russian said:

“After Liverpool game my team-mates congratulated me and made a lot of jokes: We’ll do everything for you tonight! Do you want anything? Just say and we’ll bring it running. Can we clean your boots? Or carry your bag?

“On the plane back to London they signed the ball from the game and presented it to me.”

Then when he was asked what could be better than such an achievement Shava replied:

“Winning the Premier League, naturally. Or scoring five at Old Trafford.”

He sure sets his expectations high and I like it a lot. Aim for the stars and you might reach the moon. But if you don’t aim high then you wont even get to the moon. Good going Shava! You will surely become a legend at Arsenal!

Did you know Arshavin is a good writer too and has written 3 best-sellers namely “555 Questions and Answers”, “We Did It! Story of the Great Victory” and “Euro 2008: Guus’s Team – Diary of Andrei Arshavin”! Multi talented!